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Thursday, September 26, 2013

What is wrong with Obama Care 09 26 2013

What is wrong with Obama Care 09 26 2013

Everything in Obama-care and Private pay for Health Insurance was meant to be addressed by Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid!!  That was the intent of those Government actions!!!  But they have been subverted by Private pay for Health Insurance Industry!

What is the difference between Obama-care and Medicare?  You have to pay for Obama-care!

Granted Obama-care is the best attempt to address the core issue!

Affordable care?  Not a single one of this should have to pay a doctor in the United States.  Being a doctor should be a profession of pure altruism not subjective genocide or how proud I am of my Doctor son who would not treat a patient that came into the emergency ward because they said they did not have capacity.  That is the loophole they use to defeat free healthcare every time!!!!  That is reality!

Obamacare can go either way.  You will have to remember that the Republicans, whose party was initially founded by those who opposed slavery, wanted to defeat free health care in the form of Social Security.  What is the issue here?  There has a been a transition of ideology of the Republican Party so that it represents the exact opposite of what it was formed to be.  It is based on this selfish Confederate principle today, ask yourself this. "How could you ever have free health care in the time of slavery?"  You couldn't because eventually all those slaves who were made sick and whipped would weigh on the conscious of the altruist doctors that treated them.  That or you would have doctors that would refuse to treat the whipped slaves!!!!!  And that is indeed the nature of health insurance today.  We won't treat you unless we can make money from it.  So you can beat the slaves but the slaves now have to pay for it?  Or you can whip the slaves but you as the slave master have to pay for it?  You can subvert a workers rights but either the worker or youself have to pay for it?

Why can't we have free health care like many other nations of the world?

Off topic.  If the most highly paid professions are something anyone in a third world country could master (Ie take steroids and earn a multimillion dollar contract as a professional athlete because of the networking principle- who your parents know- meaning who your mother or father freely slept with in college?) maybe we need to send those of the highest paid professions to a third world country?

The contrast to this being how can you pay a doctor a high salary when through a loophole that will always be there and never will be able to be closed refuses to treat the poor or subjectively treats the sick?  And how can you make it a free service and not subject to genocide by the same corrupt minded doctor? If it is at near free then bad Doctors would be weeded out at the sign of first damage.  But that does not happen in the legal profession, we still have the instance of crooked judges and their negligent attorney brethren.
So there is indeed a Latin or Roman word that gets at the root of the problem.

Obama needs to think of the issue as the health insurance business not serving a real purpose in our society other than to be a needless business siphoning money from the American Public.  Just look at how they operate?  It is a what part of the carcass do I get to keep?  Medicare will pay this much how much carcass can I get the consumer to pay?  The consumer should pay the doctor this much how much of the carcass can I render for myself?  Cor-por-ration.  It literally means of the body or rationing of the body.  It is a Confederate principle based on it being the equivalent of slavery and abuse!  They first instance of them was in Italy and they were known as Burial Groups!  But before that they have a long history in the Judah religion related to selling sons and daughters into slavery.  The buy and sell a wife.  Even in the Indian religion today it is known as buy a son in law through a dowry.  It doesn't say much about Indian women and marriages arranged for money rather than love!  That Dowry is really a form of slavery or rather how much can I pay you to put up with my daughter?  And in India sons are coveted?  Or having  a son is coveted?  How far does a hidden race go to create a son?  Does that motive result in the transgendered minded?  That is off topic but it is relevant because they make up a great part of our Doctors today in the United States.  And that is indeed a Confederate principle of Slavery.  (Not that there are not good Indian Doctors, quite to the contrary they are some of the best and have some of the best analytical minds in terms of pragmatism and order of hierarchy in reason and logic.  But the issue is still present.  What did we see happen in Milwaukee some ~$34 million siphoned out of the Koss company by an Indian Chief Financial Officer and over half of that money going into a gypsy Confederacy by the gypsy principle of dividing up what you take from someone!!!  Again rationing out a human being!

What is wrong with Obama Care is that it could serve as a milestone that defeats Social Security and the intent of it being free health care for all?  That was the intent of Social Security and medicare.  That intent was thwarted by the weaseling in of Health Insurance Corporations after WWII!!!  Before WWII a corporation was not allowed to be granted Corporate status in the United States unless it benefited the public.  Today we have pharmaceutical companies that sell and push drugs on the public that actually kill them!  That is contradictory to both health care, being a doctor and the intent of social security.  What does it amount to?  Some evil person collecting money from you while allowing themselves the right to kill some of you in the process.  And the big issue is anti-psychotic medicine.  This is where these corporations make their highest profits from!!!!  So indeed that is what Obamacare is pulling the lynch pin out of with regard to the preexisting condition and why the Republican Confederate party hates it!!!!  The Democratic Party used to be the old Confederate Party of the south.  But today they are both Confederate in some sense.

The way the lynch pin is pulled out is that these bartenders daughters socialites consider themselves to be owners of the United States Government and its policies!  Therefore they consider taxes their expense!  So therefore free healthcare is a tax to them!  And again, it is no fun making sick people if you have to pay to have them treated!  Not only that they know very well that they cannot make any money to support their pharmaceutical industries if people don't have to foot the bill for the high cost of the antipsychotic drugs themselves!  Schizophrenia is indeed a form of mental slavery by those of the bartenders daughter socialite class.  Alcohol is the cause of the greatest hidden sickness in the United States today- those with defective hippocampus's that have a strong verbal ability that they use to manipulate others.  That verbal ability was attained through the demonization of healthy human minds that are then labeled schizphrenic- the word literally means split mind.  Split mind again being a principle of Judah!  Judah's son's sold their brother into slavery in Egypt for the sum of 20 bars of silver!  The same was done to Jesus Christ!  Split and ration.  What can we get from so and so?  Who from our tribe can be statistically similar to just one of the skills of a multitude that an actual healthy minded person of the middle class possesses!  Yes that is exactly how they think today!  Exactly!!!  Knock someone over the head (drugs are the weapon of choice, a bone was used in the movie 2001 Space Odyssey or 2010 to create the metaphor of this.  And the tool that was envied was rapidly discarded after the knock on the head) and you are everything they were!  This is why as a species we are not as smart as we were 2000 years ago!  Rationing of a human mind is always a step backwards!!!!  The human being is blamed for being a human being in the process!  And they are quite blatant about the process when it happens!  When I worked at First Analysis an Equity Research firm that was based at the time on the 96th floor of the Sears tower.  I wrote a research report about the chemical industry.  The next day my "boss" brought in someone that he picked to work in the industry.  And his report was basically close to being verbatim to what I had written.  I can tell you that I started to be distracted by voices when I started to work there and also that if those voices were not present that research report would not have been the same.  I think of it as an analogy to the news item whereby one monkey stole a suitcase from the top of a car and then jumped on top of it in order to break the hinge.  When the hinge was broken the rest of the monkeys ran in and grabbed whatever they could, including clothes?  Very odd isn't it because you don't see the monkeys wearing the clothes after they steal them!  Or do you, hence the term Monkey Suit?

It's a boob economy!  And what do we know about them Judah people?  They have to co-factors present that create a defective hippo campus; inbreeding and wine consumption!

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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On that root word item.  The Italian word for Root is Radice. It sounds a lot like Radish and radish is indeed a root.  Oddly enough the last time I took my former buddy hunting, who has lichenplanus a foaming of the mouth disease infectious disease, we were sitting at a DQ near the Kettle Morain area.  One of the kids sitting at another table said you are about to get another dose of that radish breath.  And believe you me it is putrid.  I do not let that person get within ten feet of me today because it is contagious.  And do you know what the doctors say- that it can't be cured!  Lichen Planus comes from the word meanings where-wolf!  If I can get it and get rid of it all by myself it means that it can be cured.  Try using planetary formulas Candida Cleanse as directed on the label.  But you wonder if in ancient times people also had that putrid root mouth and others thought it was the cause of the problems?  Fungal infections are supported by alcohol and the yeast present in them!  Also they feed on our high sugar diets.  The ancient Israelis not Judah's are said to have a diet rich in honey.  Honey is said to be a remedy for parasitic type infections, as well as ginger and they even chewed tobacco.  Even a little chew of tobacco can kill you very quickly


Barrack rose to his Presidency from out of Chicago, one of three top financial districts in the United States.  Now we are seeing Medicare and Medicaid on the chopping block.  What does that tell us?  That someone from the Financial district of Chicago does not have the financial acumen to ensure the long term viability of those parts of our government.  Not only that his pay for health care fits right into the palm and fingers of both the Tea Party and the Financial District of Chicago.  Why?  Because it is not a strong enough measure!  It mandates that you pay for health insurance.  Do you know what the Mafia joke used to be about health insurance?  If you didn't buy it they would come and beat you up!  And many in the Financial Industry in the United States today have their roots in organized crime.  So once Barrack leans the ship in the direction of Americans having to pay for health insurance then the rats jump in and modify the proposal until you have to pay dearly for it.  Not only that it means that if you have to pay for it in the United States you will be denied Doctors treatment if you do not pay!  Those are two very bad conditions precedents that Obama-care has set.  And that is indeed how the evil mind works, by small steps of attrition!!!!  Attrition to the rights of human beings in the United States, until they get their way entirely.  But what is their way entirely?  Look at how the beast has marked our society and country in so many ways, polluted water, air, people dying from taking prescribed medications by the 1000's every year?  What is their way?  What would make them happy in life?  Nothing ever would or could.  They cannot be human because of a mental defect so they make a game of killing humans for money?  They make a game out of setting the conditions precedent by irresponsible business decisions made in the name of more personal money, conditions that cause the death of hundreds of thousand human beings every year.  So what would make you happy, when you deevolve into monkeys that do not have to speak to communicate?  That do not have to do any work but pick absent fruit from dead trees?  When you can openly have sex in trees with any member of your monkey tribe no matter how old?  When you no longer have to publicly maintain a semblance of respect for human beings because you have killed every one of them?  Here is one of my favorites, when you do not have to achieve anything at all in life for yourself because you can take something that makes you feel as if you did?

The beast woman says to her husband and brethren, "You've got your stolen human mans soul again early in the day, so your all ready to enjoy another days professional work as a human being."  They couldn't do it without your soul because it wouldn't be good enough.  It wouldn't give them the excitement that committing a crime does in place of working.  It defeats every concept of human responsibility and work!  And the United States shows quite clearly the results of what you consider to be work.  Sure you will say you work very hard, actors claim the exact same thing about their profession.  So it is very hard to pretend to be a different person than your actual self and that is hard work to do?  That is the nature of someone that does not like to be around human beings because they are not one of them.  And there is more to being a human being than walking on two legs and the ability to talk.  Monkeys and dogs can be taught to say words to beg for what they want in life rather than work for it.  And the animal nature is to render your needs in life rather than make sure that the whole of humanities needs are INSURED. Health Insurance insures that the needs of human beings on earth will not be met at some point in the near future.  And it is a force that cannot be stopped because the desire to be human by those who have defective hippocampus's overpowers the needs of all of humanity.  It is a very strong motivational factor, and I completely understand it.

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