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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Don't have the Discipline and strength to lose weight 05 19 2013

Don’t have the discipline and strength to lose weight?  05 19 2013

Don’t have the discipline and strength to lose weight?  So you are the former high school athlete whose dreams of being the multimillion dollar baseball player or other professional athlete were crushed because your friend who was not an athlete said you weren’t good enough?

You don’t have the discipline to lose weight because you never had the discipline to be a professional athlete in the first place.  But don’t worry about that because none of them seem to be able to conduct themselves in a professional manner, so that just seems to reinforce you belief in what you could have been but aren’t.  But at least you can sit in front of the television and drink beer and eat the foods that they advertise on the television.  (Likely didn’t have the personal discipline to teach yourself how to cook well.  So you stuffed your face full of pizza until your stomach expanded and you were always hungry.

Let me tell you this!  The horror that you will face next is one that you will not be able to deny or overcome.  All that extra weight is going to erode your knees and back until you can no longer work.  And because you didn’t have the discipline and attitude to be the professional athlete in the first place you won’t have the discipline to lose the extra weight either.  Sure you say to yourself if someone else can do that I can do that too!  But it is a lot harder than you can ever imagine.  Why?  Because all of that escapism by food is stored in your fat cells.  And that escapism comes in the form of chemicals and toxins that your body naturally stores in the fat cells. 

So if you couldn’t face the reality in the first place what you are going to find out is that you won’t be able to face it while trying to lose weight either.  You will exercise and only feel worse afterwards.  And because you feel worse afterwards you will indeed stop exercising.  Why will you feel worse after exercising?  Because when you burn and metabolize that fat as exercise calories your body is introduced to the toxins that were stored in the fat.  They enter your metabolism and you won’t feel healthy but instead you will feel sick.

Let me tell you what you have in store for you after that!!!  And you are going to love it.  Because of the degenerative disease and wear on your joints you are going to likely need knee and back surgery.  And the results will be mixed.  But not only that you still have not lost the extra weight.  So you are going to need repeated surgeries for these illnesses.

Then you are going to end up in a wheel chair.  And your butt is going to smell because no one wants to wipe it or wash your feet either. 

And then what happens?  You end up in a hospice bed.  That is where they don’t expect you to live any longer.  They will give you morphine shots to ease your pain and once that starts you are going to die.  They don’t call it Kevorkian but in my humble opinion it is the exact same thing.  They just use some standard procedure hospital language to correct you if call it anything else; you know like the lingo a used car or insurance salesman gives you.

Sure there might be contributing causes to your illness but no one in the hospital is going to know of anything like that to suggest to you.

So there is only one way that you overcome it and that is to plow right through it and exercise.  Likely there are people that love you and care for you.  And you likely have responsibility with regard to them to.  So it is best that you just exercise.

The philosophy that I always used in my entire life when I am confronting all manner of adversity and personal sacrifice is, “If God wanted me to die I will die.”

Oh and don’t give me your I could have been so I really was bad attitude.

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