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Saturday, May 11, 2013

One Mind Primate Psychology 05 11 2013

One Mind ~ Primate Psychology 05 11 2013
The primate becomes dangerous when it is allowed to form support groups of low IQ or developmentally disabled people like itself.  Why?  Less than human emotions are reinforced.
Such as, “I always wanted a ‘girl’ like that.”  (Might be behavior concurrent with hazing at Universities.)
Or, “I never liked that person because he was smarter and better than me, let’s see if my group members agree with me that something should be done to them?”
Often this translates rather quickly in the mind of the primate to, “He looked at me funny. ~Like I was not the same as him!”
In a world of criminal money and drug self induced low IQ’s that low IQ primate is right about itself isn’t it?  But the primate was taught to believe in itself regardless of comparative achievement or potential.  Often its mother got where she was by being a popular slut.  And the father granted favoritism in the business structure that rewards those like himself out of a projection of self pity.
Conflict arises when it realizes it does not truly belong with human beings.
Primates in Broadcasting:
It likes to label actions of human beings as being odd.  It’s favorite intellectual ploy is to rephrase the circumstance of context to make the true hero’s or our society seem like raving mad demons.  Listen to the uptight tone of the speaker to tell who is really who.  The vocal stress is made to seem sympathetic to the human condition when in reality it is betraying it.  For example a man is Turkey hunting in a lowland wildlife area.  It becomes an un-seasonally hot day and he finds himself taking off his shirt.  The primates instinctively “reactive” “mind” starts to click, “What negative things can I broadcast?”  “I will say that he is wandering aimlessly through a swamp and that something should be done to protect him from himself.”  He had his GPS, Compass, hydration pack, aspirin and always knew where he was.  But that doesn’t matter to the primate.  To the primate it is an opportunity to glamorize himself in comparison.  And that is indeed the nature of its verbal intellect; formed out of jealousy to man and the son’s of men!  A primate like this should have never been allowed in broadcasting!  Maybe there is a bench somewhere where these nervous nellies can sit with one another and smile.
He should have never been allowed to ponder to the weak minded in our society or breed low IQ hatred.
Back to the One Minders
The construct of how one of these was raised is; by neglect and group leadership by a female minded.  Essentially the primate never develops the mind of a man or human being because of this.  It has the mind of a female that resents those capable of independence and leadership.  As a child the primate was not an integral part of a loving human family; instead it was objectified!  Why?  Because its parents were incapable of human love and they indeed resented it in envy all their lives.
This is indeed the archetype of the socialite!
If you ever hear someone professing that we are all “ONE MIND” be extremely wary of them!  Why?  Because if they believe we are all “ONE MIND” they also believe, “WE ARE ONE BODY!”  What’s wrong with that? It gives them criminal motivation!!!!!  Including but not limited to, “If I kill another person, it doesn’t matter as long as my own mind survives!”  If it believes we are all of one mind it has done nothing wrong because it’s own “mind” survives as if there was no change in the state of us all being one mind belief system.  (Didn’t need to mention watermelons in the belly.)
You see if it believes we are all one mind, “One min, one body.”  Is a lyric in a song in the Catholic Hymnal of the Catholic branch off of the Judea/Christian religion!
At a certain age it can’t stand the reality that if never had its own mind!
Identifying with the writings of someone else does not mean that you are of one mind with them.  It should be thought instead to mean that you are capable of learning and independent human thought.
Those of the ONE MIND philosophy cope with the horror of their own cognitive reality with the delusional belief or life to themselves of, “What I envy was really a part of ONE MIND I was one mind of, therefore I can take it as my own or have the authority to destroy it.
(Do you see how a class that regards themselves as privileged is raised?)
What would you do if confronted with a band of wandering gypsies who promoted the ONE MIND belief as a religion?  When confronted with horrific actions dominated by the mass psychology of the ONE MIND belief system?  Know that there is no reward for those who think independently in the group.  So the mob is acting out like animals what do you do?  Act like you are one of them without taking action until you can get around a corner and run like hell lest you end up with a slowly scraped open hole in your skull (from the Latin word Atritus or the popularized modern business variant of Attrition? See next article) or a pregnancy that by law you have to keep?
In both of those latter cases you have become one of them “One minders” haven’t you!  Don’t feel alone, the various “Gods” (intentionally plural) of the Bible have nothing good to say about them either!  Congratulations you have found your own commonality!
Written assignment: Contrast “One Mind” to the phrase, “I think therefore I am.”

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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