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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Big Problem in the United States Today

A Big Problem in the United States Today

Your perception of what constitutes normal is based on a far less standard that what mine is and also what the United States Constitution is.
Does yours come from participation in gang like activity in order to become successful?
Does yours originate from the sour grapes south?  I have to wonder if there are a great many who were never compatible with living under the United States Constitution.  The answer isn’t that we limit the rights of the free so that you can feel more comfortable with yourself living among us!  That is a recipe for worldwide disaster!
Are your actions and proclamations irrefutable evidence that you never belonged here neither then nor today!  I would have to say that is 100 percent true.
So what do we do when you refuse to or unable to learn the required standards for living in the United States?  I don’t believe anyone ever expected that you wouldn’t be able to!  No one ever saw that coming!  As smart as the founding fathers were they never foresaw a people that didn’t want to raise themselves up to the standard of everyone else!

And it saddens me that what goes on in the core and in the south is accepted as normal.  Nor should our court systems ever be overloaded with the likes of those who do not really believe in the higher standards.  If you did to my child what is considered normal in the core or in the South it would break my heart for good for the rest of my life!

You find every instance of not meeting that standard to be something the rest of us should consider "cute!"  We don't; we find it to be insufferable!

I find a lot of you incomprehensible!  And the conclusion that I am coming up with is that you participated in gang like activity in order to become successful!  So that is something I need to devote the rest of my life to, as I am today, to put a stop to!  So what indeed do you think should be done about you?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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