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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Petition for all free radio and television

So that if you ever get a bill from one of those companies again you never have to pay it and nor will it affect your credit rating. Nor can they contact you in any way shape or form. In fact it will be illegal for them to serve you with a bill for such service.
You may not be charged for any of this and nor may any signal be broadcasts as pay for.
There is currently 1 signature. We need 50 signatures!

Petition Background

Empirical evidence with regard to crime and drug abuse proves that none of those pay for services have been in the interest of the American (or world) public!
Background: It used to all be free. However a little slight of hand was played in that our favorite stations that play jazz and classical are no longer available on the radio. The digital radio reception is not as clear as the former signal was an nor is the digital television signal! This means that consumers are forced to buy cable television and pay for radio when they should not have to. It is a monopoly mechanism that the free over the air channels are subject to distortion and interference! And that mechanism forces the American public to pay for television services at a very high price. A large portion of the disposable income of the American goes towards supporting that! And it is a war against men and their families!
Also that pay for television signal is promoting college sports and squeezing out both academic college degrees and the middle class! And that needs to stop in its tracks today! You are paying the million dollar salaries of athletes who have often been found to engage in criminal activity and they are never adequately punished for it.
Now I was a democrat all my life because I believed it meant belief in the people. However it is the old Confederate party of the pro-slavery south and their ties to Druid English rule. This change happened during Clinton, an illegitimate son from the south, Presidential administration. It has been making a business out of what was previously free and that is a tax! I even voted for him!
Thomas Paul Murphy

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