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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jughead and Jarhead defined 04 22 2014

Jughead and Jarhead defined

A Jughead is a man whose mind is as empty as the jug his father drank from.
A Jarhead is a Jughead that remembers everything you say and do and keeps it in the jar of his mind; sometimes to your exclusion of use of your own knowledge.
“Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.”
You send a Jughead to war as part of a national energy policy war and you end up paying more for a gallon of gas.  Why, because you end up paying the Jughead that incremental cost.  Not only that when a Judghead comes home from the service we have to likely pay him a  pension for the rest of his life too!

You give a Jughead a job at a bank and you end up with $17 trillion in debt!
You call a Jughead a Jughead or a Jarhead a Jarhead and you end up hearing voices in your head and no one can explain the cause.
You give a Jughead money and power and he’s pays younger Jugheads to play sports for a living like they did when they were boys.
So he sometimes gets a job in Corporate Management. You give a Jughead a job in Corporate management and he ends up exporting all of Americans jobs overseas.  Why.  1. It creates more immediate money for him. And more importantly,  2. Those are the only jobs he is capable of doing and he doesn’t want to do them!  So if he exports them he can’t continue to drain the American public for all his worth.  Some Jugheads do indeed come to realize that those from Ivy League schools whose parents drank High Ball Martinis are Jugheads too. 
And what will a Jughead end up doing?  Working as a bouncer and creating more bastard jughead children for single women than one man could ever raise himself!  And when those Jughead children go to school in the morning and can’t learn we have to lower all the standards of passing for them to the equivalent of duck duck goose determination.
And when a Jughead gets in Government he then wants to legalize drugs.
Gives a whole new meaning to support our troops.
The other day I heard a military General stating that we should take away the service weapons of veterans because they are more likely to hurt themselves with them!
Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country!
Perhaps the best thing that Jughead can do for his country is take his own life with that military service weapon!  Rather that, than him ruin the lives of Americans who were normal all their lives until they became adults at the same time the Jughead did, and the Jughead then realized he couldn’t compete with them!  And the next thing a Jughead wants to do is change or destroy the Constitution for that very same reason.
The Jugheads like to have a support group in life.  And that support group is comprised of the prolife children who were also likely Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder children like the Jughead himself.
FDR was the Navy Jughead that repealed Prohibition.  He was instrumental in creating some of the design of Navy ships.  I was told by a former member of the National Guard that during WWII one Naval Radio operator after another went insane.  The likely reason is that the electrical impulses that form the thoughts of their brains were displaced by Jughead engineering.  That would be just like a Jughead to try and make normal human beings as dumb as he is!  Makes him look superior for women.  And that was indeed part of FDR’s New Deal Plan that was based on the University of Wisconsin President and Eugenicists doctrine, “One must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry.”  And you can’t tell me that the military didn’t look into the cause of that and further develop the technology.  A Colonel John Alexander of the United States military admitted way back in 1991 that the Department of Defense had developed the technology that could make people hear voices in their heads.
The Jugheads tend to like female leadership better because their fathers were useless Jugheads.  You’ll hear them singing country songs about the time they took their momma’s or something like that.
Slavery and involuntary servitude are illegal per our Constitution.  But the Jughead figured out that if he ruined enough American lives and kept them living in pain that no one would ever notice!  Schizophrenia is medical fraud created by the Jughead.  The symptoms are real and horrific however it is medical fraud.
That Jughead doesn’t want to work!  He wants to pretend to be something he isn’t all his adult life!  And he would kill the innocent and healthy minded in order to keep that secret!  They would enslave a man’s mind in order to do their thinking for them and create wealth and profits.  There is nothing more anti American than that in the History of the world!
Per our Constitution we are not to have a military in times of peace.  The Jughead would become President pretend that he could read the Constitution and understand the full meaning of that and then discard it.  But it was for the benefit of the Jughead and his faulted decision making in Government that we do today!
Now I have been giving the term Satan, and Bottlemutt and Mean Case of Verbal Adaptive Mental Retardation to these people in my writing but someone had already thought of the proper terms a long time ago Jughead and Jarheads.  It took me awhile to put two and two together.  Why because I like to believe the best things about people, and that was an impediment to that knowledge.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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