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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Kidneys Fear, Michelangelo, Schizophrenia and Lower Worlder’s 04 13 2014 update!

Kidneys Fear, Michelangelo, Schizophrenia and Lower Worlder’s 04 13 2014

Interesting research for those who are fearful.  I had kidney stones in about 1998.  That would have made me 32 at the time that I passed them.  Could they have formed at an earlier age?  My Uncle drank a lot of beer and they said that is why he got them.  And I had quite a bit in college.  I also believe they are caused by the carbon molecule in CO2 which is carbonated beverages becoming a building block that attracts calcium!
And I only mention this because the kidneys control fight or flight and therefore fear and paranoia! 
And I never knew I had one until it passed!  But after it passed…there is no way to describe how you can feel so much better after you didn’t know you had felt so bad for so very long!
I also believe mine formed from the use of powder coffee creamer and eating cheese.
I have found Rowatinex, and Planetary Formulas Stone Free have helped me.  Also B6 and magnesium citrate.   The Rowex Kidney product they sell helped me wake up in the morning like a fresh and whole new person like I was reborn; but it was a little expensive for me.  Also boiling and eating beets will help.
But anyhow in the following links you will see first how kidney disease causes epilepsy.  Some of you have that too and use medicine to treat it.  And in the second link you will see how kidney stones put one at a great risk for kidney disease!

Epilepsy is indeed short circuited electric signals in the brain.  But there is a lot more to it than that!  I would have to say that a child is very receptive to being imprinted by a father’s brain.  And that which might be termed the holy spirit (disseminated reproductive fluid) can cause epilepsy like symptoms?  When I was a very young boy I would shake and I know what I was seeing in my mind’s eye.  I was watching a man in a helpless state being demonized by voices.  Now I don’t know whether it was me or someone else.  But I believe it was me after reflection.  But anyhow I believe that I reached out my hand as if I was trying to help that man by superimposing my energy body over his so that he would not falter.  And I also believe that is the meaning of the painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo!  My mother would say settle, settle, settle.  I also believe that some of those who we hear voices from are stuck in that seizure like world as I was as a boy!!!! I call it being rattleboned!  In fact I know it is true!  And it was as if I was learning how to do things as he was but it was me in my future; and it was horrific.  And as I left that state of mind I didn’t want to remember any of it!  But then when I had settled I said, “HAH I remember some of it!”  But I don’t remember any of it now.  But this is indeed consistent with what people say happens in near death experience; they see their whole life pass in front of them?
Do you know what the moral or conclusion is?  That those who refuse to help other people refuse to help themselves and that is why they are stuck in what might be called the Lower World!  And it is a God who helped himself without knowing it was himself he was helping!  The lower worlder is stuck in the lower world because he just soaked up all that he saw without helping that person and indeed had he had helped that person he would have helped himself!  A little bit of a transformation?  And I don’t think you can fool it!  For the lower worlder will have great fear that if he helps that person who is being demonized that he himself will die?  He had no faith in good!  And maybe I should not have revealed this for a lower worlder might find a way to cheat it! 
But maybe if you escape that purgatory then boast about it poetic justice comes to you faster than you know?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Alcohol in and of itself is very hard on the hippo campus and the kidneys!

What is very disturbing is that after I passed those Kidney stones my Italian doctor would not recommend tests to see that I had more such as x ray or nor did subsequent doctors ever bring it up that my history of kidneys stones might mean I have more.  And what they want to tell you is that they are found in many corpses and do no harm!  That is absolute baloney!  They are sharp and jagged and put pressure on the kidneys that lead to renal failure as in the link above!  Perhaps they don't want to jeopardize the business of the carbonated beverage industry; as is the old Wine Bottle!

I had a friend who I went to school with and he told me of an occult practice where men stood around and whacked off into a circle.  I believe that after that they then cast spells. And those spells might be what is referred to as being snowed, gobsmacked and fugued, ( I use the term rattleboned!)? But they could be the ones who did not pass the helping test listed above!  Now in the St. Joseph Edition of the Bible you will read how the Demoniac and Jesus Christ were frustrated homosexual sodomites! I also believe that men who didn't pass that test and also women are more prone to be homosexual out of frustration!  Poetic justice to those who did not believe in good!

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