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Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Murder Detective Stated on Last Nights Dateline Episode 04 27 2014

A Murder Detective Stated on Last Nights Dateline Episode 04 27 2014

That sooner or later everyone has to forgive.  And it relates to the personal trauma that people have caused us.
So I would ask the question how does a Veteran of War forgive the army of the Foreign Country?  He doesn't even know who that is.  Plus the fact that he knows he wasn't traumatized by a single person, but an opposing army.  So he has no single person to forgive?

And that is why the Constitution states we are not to have an army in times of peace.  The Revolutionary War and the Civil War were valid Wars in my mind but every war that came after that appears to be a machination by Governments that didn't have to happen!  And if your foreign policy is one of machination with foreign Governments to create War then you should have never been elected!

And when two world leaders cooperate and one of the countries does not have a Constitution the Equivalent of the United States it only serves to weaken the United States Constitution!  As does Corporate America outsourcing employment to foreign countries and the free conversion of currency from Countries that don't have the United States Constitution to the United States.  So what does this really amount to?  Business men that have traveled finding an advantage over the common American!  And because of the above factors that advantage weakens living standards for the United States Citizen doesn't it!

And then that American who has no one to personally forgive becomes labeled as a home grown terrorist?  Some might view them as Patriots; but never the media!  And perhaps before every American is allowed to enter the United States military they should be required to pass a test of understanding of the United States Constitution as well as our business framework and history thereof in the United States.  So that when and if they come home from that war they can reflect on the cause and make the country a better place; rather than creating another blind generation of Yes men that indeed draw their pride and bravery from United States history in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.  Do recent wars has a cause that is consistent with those wars?  Perhaps the best test is; do our soldiers come home proud from being in these conflicts and serving their county?  No! They come home demoralized and traumatized.  And perhaps most sons who cleaned fish at a young age wouldn't have the same reaction to what they saw and did over their in the name of their country as those that did.  Bottom line you did that for your country no matter who was in charge so you don't have to feel guilty about it.  And perhaps killing wasn't the last ditch career you thought it would be.  Would you have been better off if you had just sucked up your pride and took an entry level job?  And I am not going to get into the rules of engagement in foreign conflicts other than to state I believe all countries that are not the United States are not to the standard of humanity that we are.  You are in a jungle full of cannibals; should you have to worry about eliminating women and children cannibals?  They will always be that way!  Do you want a cannibal living next door to you?  That isn't what we believe in!  We don't believe Yemen oil men should marry 9 year old girls. We don't directly fertilize our crops with human manure.  We typically don't hang our meat to dry in open air.  We don't drink water that is infected we treat it first.  We don't believe in communal living (apartments should be outlawed!)  We don't believe in working people until their is no cartilage between their bones; however Corporate managers who outsourced U.S. jobs do!  We don't believe in giving human beings drugs so that they are happy to work the cartilage to nothing!  Corporate managers do.  Nor do we believe in cutting the scalp off of human beings as a way to kill them.  We don't believe in giving a human being a puffer fish toxin burying them alive and then digging them up oxygen deprivation brain dead the next day in order to say hah hah!  Anyone see what I am getting at?

And you are not going to like this next part.  It is like what my 8th Grade Catholic School Teacher told us, "Whatever you are by the time you are 10 years old you will be so for the rest of your life."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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