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Friday, April 25, 2014

Does Michelle Obama have a developmental disability? 04 25 2014

Does Michelle Obama have a developmental disability?
I only ask this because the sound of her voice sounds very introverted and childlike sometimes.  I also see that sometimes she looks like she has been what the term “De-psychoenergized” as if a mask of stolen personality has been taken away from her.
With regard to the mental illness of schizophrenia a highly relevant distinction needs to be made in this regard.
A distinction between those who hear voices:
1.       That are talking to them.
2.       Those who hear voices that are not talking to them!!!!  Number two here can be thought of one human being man woman or child lying in the center of a circle while those around him beat him to near death.  Those who are not the one in the center of the circle are the embodiment of number 2 and the beneficiaries from it.  They can be defined as cling-on’s or sponges.  I use the term cling on because it is very similar to the crime of viewing child pornography.  You didn’t create the horrific mutilations but you sure like to watch it.  So here I have defined two types of what is termed Voyeur.  And that is exactly what Adolf Hitler was stated to be by the art university that rejected him!
From my analysis I believe that number 2 above represents more of a mental defect than a number 1.  A number 2 might have a mental birth defect and only be able to become successful in our society if they are allowed to eavesdrop on the thinking of a human being?  And because they listen it means that they are participants in the demonization of a healthy human beings mind.  It also means that any knowledge they acquire through the process is second hand and not first person and therefore useless because it doesn’t have the premise base of depth of understanding first person knowledge does!
Also I have to wonder if the number 2 population acts as part of the banking cycle in a fashion whereby ideas, capital and inventions are siphoned off of a number 1.  In effect a number one being a source of mental welfare for a population of number twos.
The Klu Klux Klan hated blacks and they were (are) white supremacists. I always assumed that they were the ones who brought the blacks to the United States in slave ships.  But what if that isn’t true?  (Why bring them here if you hate them?  Only if you needed someone to hate instead of yourself!)  But what if that is not true. How could that not be true?  It could not be true because they were brought here for economic reasons.  And those economic reasons were created by the financial centers of the North like New York.  It can be thought of as New York creating that business in the south and controlling it from New York for money and profits?  If you hated black people that much you wouldn’t bring them here.
But are there other ideas that support that belief?  Organized crime is centered in New York and Chicago, I would also add California and Wisconsin and Florida and Texas to that today.  But the Reverand Al Sharpten told us of how Organized crime controlled the music industry.  And what have we seen popularized in the music industry?  Gangster rap!  Do you see the 3 or 4 way connection there?  Again New York creating a crime indoctrination for the rest of the Country.  And we did indeed have Government functions that could have prevented music that supports drug use and therefore organized crime but that didn’t happen and was suppressed through both George Bush of Texas, Newt Gingrich and his 40 billionaire Casino operator who financed him that is Jewish.  And indeed I heard it stated on a television history type channel that organized crime was formed in the United States through a handshake between an Italian and a Jewish man.  So you have three there that might be suspect to having the same gene; Italians, blacks and Jews?  And what is a mortgage fraud crisis that is based on a conspiracy to rig the London Interbank Offer Rate?  That is Organized crime in our Financial system!  There is no other proper terminology to use for it!  Hence you can add the long time enemy of the United States who was pro slavery and helped the Confederate south during the civil war to the mix and that is the English.  And they populate our unconstitutional limited liability Corporate management like vultures on an Eagle!  And I tie the whole thing together because Michelle Obama’s mother worked in the banking sector.  But I now have to take Michelle out of the equation because she stated that her mother trained banker after banker but was not advanced herself.  That puts the mother more on the number 1 side above.
But when I lived in Chicago in 1991 I started to hear voices.  They are not coming from my own mind!  I was a healthy and happy child.  People don’t admonish and insult themselves like that in their heads as the psychiatric community would suggest.  And the whole field of psychiatry arose out of New York and Wisconsin!  And Wisconsin had deep ties to organized crime!  Where Dillinger vacationed.  To you it would be a belief I have that you consider to be a delusion but to me I know it is true that all criminals have the mind of a number 2 above!  It likely comes from a mental defect related to alcohol and breeding of that mental defect related to alcohol.  And you can’t tell me that inbreeding is not related to alcohol either.  A brother and a sister getting drunk and realizing they are so ugly that no one else would marry them and hence they commit incest; for the reason being stated to continue their family line?  I do believe that those with a mental defect to the hippocampus constitute a lesser class of people.  And that they do not possess the two things that make a human being a human being, their own conscience and their own human reason.

I have to ask what Napoleon had against the black race that would motivate him to extinct them.  He did indeed have the backing of France behind him.  And he did horrible things to them which made him just as bad as anything that would have first incited the hatred to them.  But contrary to what the psychology field might state; people do have reasons for the things that they do.  And also they don’t gain a following unless they have strong reasoning behind them that continues to motivate them!  So it might be only one or two lines in an obscure history book somewhere but I believe that knowledge has been recorded somewhere and exists.   I say this because they are stated to have the same gene as the Jewish Population and they were also targeted in Genocide.  We don’t really hear or read about the genocide of the black population by Napoleon in our history books though!  It has become an obscure fact somewhere.  And perhaps when those reasoning’s are known it prevents it from happening in the future?  But to hide the fact means that you know it will happen in the future if the fact is known?  And that you are hiding the truth in order to prevent actions being taken based on the truth?

Other nodes to this organized crime are:

1.       Russian based Organized crime
2.       Illegal Hispanic alien Organized crime; establishing drug cartels.
3.       Sexual molesters of children based in the Catholic Church. {And all religious facades staffed by number #2’s above.}  Trauma creates a number one for the benefit of a number 2 class.
4.       Members of the medical community; the highest profit margins come from the psychiatric drugs.
5.       Members of the media industry; have you ever seen how they become very mean concerning certain topics? (Including those who have been involved in Ham Radio operations.)
6.       Members of Educational system; not teaching what is required in fields and creating negative expectations for child they know are more human.  Members of the number 2 class have absolutely no true literary capability from stream of conscious!  They study formulas in college to attempt to ape those who did!  While those who do are labeled number ones and prevented from using their own stream of conscious through what is termed active denial systems!
7.       Members of the Publishing industry.  I have to wonder if indeed publishing fraud occurs as debt is incurred and maybe as many books as thought to be sold where not actually sold?  Whereby the publisher pays the author and the publisher defaults on the bank loan and the balance is added to our National debt via a public bailing out of the banks.
8.       I also have to wonder about the real estate industry during the mortgage crisis.  What title fraud occurred? Lawyers know the ins and outs of family relations and they like to argue even when you are right and they know it!  There was a lot of what I might term shell game with those pooled mortgages and title fraud could have occurred because of that!  So and so is really related to this person, ooops I must have made a slip of the pen error there?  And how can it not be said that the price setting function of the real estate industry was not also participant in the mortgage fraud through ballooning prices that collapse?  Perhaps we need to make this more of a robotical type function?  Without the influence of malicious code?  The first thing that happens when something turns into a robotic type function is that malicious code is introduced?
9.       Tavern league children.  I have known for a long time that they are responsible for creating and maintaining a network of drug trade.  And the reason being because they themselves have the non competitive criminal mind from fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.
10.   Professional Sports supplanting academia at Universities.  To see a Pittsburgh Pirate have a 1” gash under his eye from a punch by a Milwaukee Brewer is a great national shame!
11.   The Department of Defense and the military industrial complex.  A Colonel John Alexander of the United States Army revealed way back in 1991 that the Department of Defense had created the technology to make people hear voices in their head.  That means that there is at least one case of medical fraud of schizophrenia based on the use of technology.  I would have to assert that every single number 1 above is a case of medical fraud.  Whereas #2 is not schizophrenia at all but a form of mental retardation related to alcohol. Again trauma creates a number one for the benefit of a number 2 class.

And what is the bottom line with regard to all this?  If various business in our society are populated and managed by a number 2 class it means that they are crooked {whether black, white, red, yellow or tan}
And to be realistic there are some good people who are caught in the vortex of being number 2’s above through no fault of their own.  But we do need a designation.  I am that and I can’t help it; I am caught in it!  And that is how it comes to a peaceable solution.
Every effort should be made to identify a number 2 and get them out of that odd world before they are of adult age.  That means true independence for them.  Independence where do we see that term crop up in United States history?  What is the world of heaven to them is really them experiencing the life of human being who is demonized by hearing howling voices to their benefit.  That is heaven to them and h311 to the number 1 type victim above!
And de-psychoenergization means that a number two has become separated from a number one.  And that needs to happen on a massive scale!  And if they cannot do that it might mean that they lose their rights to be in controlling functions of human beings?  People should not be managed nor governed by those who only possess second person gleamed knowledge as a number two does.  You can’t look at a human being man and make the claim he is not wearing the pants right I can wear them better.  And far, far too much of that has been allowed to take place!
And when you think of military conflict with either China WWI or Japan WWII, or with jobs being shipped to India or China today you have to realize that the three kings from the orient who knew where the good shepherd was going to be born had to be number 2’s! 
Which brings up another point I need researched at what point in history did FDR (Roosevelt) make its family wealth from the opiate trade with China?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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