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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Science Versus Truth 04 27 2014

Science Versus Truth 04 27 2014

Science benefits most in terms of scientific discovery when scientists adopt the unscientific belief that what a scientist has claimed to have proven isn’t true.
And perhaps this is true because many scientists are scientists at all but rather businessmen who are trying to keep a trade secret in order to profit.  A true scientist would not keep a secret because it is not in the interest of scientific understanding!  What it leads to are scientific constructs that are accepted as true when they should never have been and should be challenged.  And the fact that they are taken as the truth for a long time means that true science has been thwarted.  And what does that really amount to? Walking backwards or de-evolution!

And maybe the basis of all modern pharmaceutical science is an old hag tonguing her cheek and spitting in the community beverage.

Should scientists who withheld secrets from the public in order to profit have their college degree's annulled?  Yes!  And it needs to happen sooner than later!

All scientific discoveries should be made immediately public.  Otherwise such scientists could be die in the meantime or be killed and the knowledge that could have benefited humanity lost.  Such knowledge could also prevent the extinction of humanity!  So perhaps we need a national scientific database.  It will be maintained in chronological order of addition!  And it will have search function tags that the author picks from a common field list and further tags he creates.

For those scientists who would desire great wealth from preying on the lives of human beings in the United States, great wealth should not await you but rather a place of shame called skid row!  You will have plenty of company there along with fraudulent Investment/Financial practitioners!  So when you get there don't act like it is a surprise to you!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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