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Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Camel Mouth 04 13 2014

The Camel Mouth 04 13 2014

Have you ever had anyone look at you, someone you might not have ever even met, and they give you the Camel Mouth?  What I mean by that is that their lips start to gyrate because they are so envious of you that they absolutely despise you and want to insult you?  It is in the lips and the jaw, like how a camel chews grass.  It is often accompanied by Crazy horse eyes.  I know what crazy horse eyes are because when I was a boy we went to a place where you paid to ride horses.  When the doors to the stable opened and the crowd of people who paid went to find a horse it was like musical chairs.  I ended up with the last empty horse that had crazy eyes like that!  Everyone else must have known to avoid it! It bucked me off its back two times!  One of the times right into a tree!
I can remember many people giving me the Camel  Mouth.
1.        The chain cigarette smoking nun who was principle at the Catholic School. (More the crazy horse eyes though.) 
2.       A German woman whose husband was a stockbroker.  She was part of the Catholic Group that spoke in tongues.  And you don’t want to know what the older son of hers did to the younger ones at the sleepovers!
3.       A black girl who worked at Sam’s club and then was also seen giving me the Camel mouth at the Wal-mart on Capital drive.  And I am indeed implying that Corporations employ the defective minded Satanic for the purpose of demonizing men and women in order to create mental illness for money!
4.       A short man who had an effeminate voice and was likely gay; at the Downtown YMCA.
In all of those cases an organized group is involved and there is money involved in that group.
Okay what are the odds that they are the ones who will be invited to a speaking in tongues event at the local Roman Catholic Church?  And tell me who is really likely to be mentally defective you who hears voices or the Camel mouths having a ceremony at the local Catholic Church?  And maybe the best thing we could ever do for society would be to get a panel of those who hear voices to then look at a lineup, just like they do at the police station, of nuns; to see which ones will give us the Camel mouth of hatred and envy?
And let me ask you this is; is it just me who thinks those that give the camel mouth expression might be the origin of the voices we hear in our heads that curse us?  I mentioned Jewish Rabbis participating in family curses for lifetimes and generations and also the Sikhs desire to meld with a higher consciousness so I thought I would mention the Speaking in Tongues women of the Roman Catholic Church!  And of course their partner in crime are the Roman Catholic priests that sexually molested tens of thousands of children.  And I don’t think that any humor gleamed from a human beings soul that is demonized by these groups is funny!  However there is a great population of Camel mouths that takes great delight in that humor.  There was a time on earth where Gods and Humans (you-man’s) lived separately; I heard an archaeologist in Egypt say on CNN.
Who is really mentally defective you or the camel mouth?  In order to have a disability like you first you have to have had ability.  That is the nature of the verb usage in the English language.  So therefore those who were born mentally defective (drug and alcohol related, inbreeding, etc.) never can be disabled because they never had ability.  They might seek to disable you for that reason though?  It would be like a lifetime achievement award for them wouldn’t it!
(Another form like the Camel mouth is the expressionless pie face that looks mean.  It is like the eyes are hiding in the pie face; and you can’t see the person because of it; they are hiding behind the pie face?)

That Camel mouth is gearing up to say something to you but they don't while you are present; what are the odds that you hear them later on when they are not visibly present and you are trying to sleep?  Something like a witching hour?  The Puritans hung witches (who were of the English Wiccan religion)!  And who needs to hear a group of fat rich English type women chanting the ministers cat to great their own great evil delight? Can you hear the high pitched freak like laughter of them enjoying themselves in that way?  I once heard a Lesbian state on television that she was of the Wiccan Religion (A charitable organization) because it was the only religion that accepted Lesbians.  That last part isn't true they are present in many religious orders like Catholicism.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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