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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Why they screwed up the Irish 04 27 2014

Why they screwed up the Irish 04 27 2014

A Catholic Priest once stated to me that the Irish can sense the descention of the Holy Spirit on the Crown of their Heads.  Because we can sense it; it means that we can't be fooled!

If we can't be fooled then others would indeed have great envy of us and seek to poison us with that leaven of the Pharisees Potatoe Fungus that is stated to have come from New York.

And if we can't be fooled it means that we are far more intelligent that the average person!  And that would be another source of jealousy and hatred towards us!

And quite a few historians state that the Potato Famine was an act of Genocide!

Some of those Irish family lines never recovered!

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