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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Can Milk Cause Osteoporosis? 04 29 2014

Can Milk Cause Osteoporosis? 04 29 2014
How many antibiotics do they dope cows with?  They dope them and then a human being cannot even get an antibiotic when one needs one because there is a risk of the disease getting a resistance to the antibiotic.  If the threat of the disease developing a resistance was bonafide and it is then no animal should ever get an antibiotic shot!
But what if cow’s milk contains a minute amount of a bacteria that could cause the leaching of calcium from bones?  I believe that the strep bacteria can do that!  It is stated to be in all dog’s mouths!
Is it in milk?  Whether it is or not cows are given antibiotics to treat it as if it were!  Right?  They wouldn’t give the cows the antibiotic if there wasn’t a risk.  And it makes one wonder how quickly our livestock would get sick if they were no longer allowed to get regular antibiotic shots?  And perhaps that brings back the natural farmer who cares about animals to the country?
We also know that humans can indeed live with a certain amount of that bacteria present in their bodies.  But what happens when their metabolism starts to slow as they age and that bacteria starts to overgrow?  What happens when it affects bone metabolism?  You are not going to be able to give that person an antibiotic to cure it are you!  The fact is that the human being was far too exposed to the bacteria than he ever should have been. 
And I also believe that dogs should never be able to urinate or defecate in public places.  Nor should they be able to do so in neighbors yards that are close to your house!
Now that bacteria smells like what one might call carnival dust!  You really can’t go in any big box type store today without getting exposed to it!  First thing you do when you get home is to wash your hands and then your face. A long long time ago I bought a set of white kitchen towels with the green stripe down the center.  I keep them in a plastic bin and always wash them separately from everything else.  After I am done working outside or in the shop I will wet one down and use it to wipe my face with.  And it keeps me more healthy!
I learned something about osteoporosis the other day.  I always believed that whatever bone loss you had in one body was more or less true of the rest of your body.  But that isn’t true.  And the implications of it not being true in that you could have just one bone that has it is indeed very insightful as to the cause.  Could it be poor circulation too?  I would not think that in and of itself that would do it.  But combined with a localized bacteria and pathogen that isn’t being flushed out of the metabolism like it should because of poor circulation is a more likely cause to me.  And when we think of the bacteria that causes tooth decay, teeth being essential a hard calcium bone like structure; it gives us the impetus to keep our mouths clean.  And I also believe it is the strep bacteria that causes tooth decay.  But my dentist tells me that everybody’s mouth bacteria is different.
Speaking of which awhile back I had my fillings replaced with composite fillings and all that mercury amalgam removed from my mouth!  I believe that should be a law that neither mercury nor amalgam should be allowed to be used in tooth fillings or crowns or for that matter any dental work!  I think I will indeed start a petition to that effect.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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