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Monday, April 14, 2014

We need to be more organic agrarian 04 14 2014

We need to be more organic agrarian.

In this morning’s local paper I read how a proposed dairy farm of 3,100 heifers will produce 3 million gallons of Liquid manure and nearly 46,000 tons of solid manure a year.  This farm is proposed to be in Adams Wisconsin near one that already has 4,500 cattle!  Let’s expand those numbers those 3,100 heifers will produce 3,000,000 gallons of liquid manure and 92,000,000 pounds of solid manure every year!
That is far too much!
I am tired of the Wisconsin and Milwaukee Rivers being a health hazard because they are feces runoff contaminated!  Our Clean Water Act of 1973 was not enforced and should have prevented this from happening!
Those above numbers shed light on just how polluting a dairy farm is!
We eat far too much dairy and far too much cheese and far too much beef!
I in no way want to put farmers out of business!  If it were up to me you could keep the family farm mortgage free.  I feel that commodities trading has manipulated farms and farming and put many of the small farmers out of business.  I also believe that the same companies that produce hybrid seed would also infect farms with the very bugs that cause devastation.  And perhaps some of those bugs come from crops we also don’t need in the United States Wine and Tobacco.  We also should be producing grains to go into beer!  It had let to a nation of dimwitted people who go to every length to hide their hillbilly satanic identities!
All of those things, cheese, milk and beer cause kidney stones!  The medical profession states that a lot of people die with them and don’t even know it!  The point is that is leads to a much lesser quality of life that they also didn’t know about.
And what of the man who states he is a proud beef producer?  He sells that meat to national chains.  Three of those restaurants in Milwaukee were selling drugs out of them. 
That dairy farm runoff has a higher cost than that too.  Groundwater and water polluted with E-Coli has killed many people in Wisconsin and our Water treatment plants can’t keep up with it!
Have those overcrowded dairy farms led to the CWD disease in deer?  That much manure?  You can’t it wasn’t part of the cause!
And because we had to grow crops to feed those cattle we also had to use the herbicides that polluted our groundwater with atrazine, a derivative of hydrogen cyanide the same death chemical that the Nazi’s used in WWII!
Have you seen the eye abnormalities of those who have been exposed to it?  It is God awful looking!  Newt Eye’s is what they look like!  And it has been stated that the intelligence level of rural America has gone way down!
You would poison our water supply so we have to drink your milk?
Now here is something that needs to happen.  Corporations are not people but also a farmer should not be allowed to be a corporation!  So realistically however many cows just one man could handle at the time when my Grandfather was a farmer is all that should be allowed to be on one farm!  We need to take some of those farms away from corporation and maybe start some forests growing where they were to serve as public hunting grounds and recreation.
So maybe a farmer only gets to have 18 cows!  That would be great I would have to pay less expense for clean water!  Also a lot of energy would be diverted from those farming operations and that would mean less mercury in our water and fish.  And maybe those farm acres could be solar farms!!!!  Take away the Corporate Farmers farm and have a solar farm installed.  It won’t be a utility either!  Whereby interest and dividends will be issued so that he wealthy can maintain their wealth from it!  We have had enough of arguing with those newt eyed people too!  That electricity will just flow to the people and we won’t get a bill for it!  Why not?  Because it should have been done 45 years ago!  But instead you decided to shoot Kennedy and have one after another Southern Confederate Hick or crooked businessman as President!  And what form of Progressive Slavery did those Southern Confederate Hicks create so that they wouldn’t feel insecure and out of place in our society?  The medical fraud of Schizophrenia!  The symptoms real and horrific but it is medical fraud.  And it has allowed a race that can’t be educated by listening and learning from memory to evolve!
Now I am going to tell you something.  When I was in Grade School and read about slavery and that the North had won the Civil War and then Lincoln was killed I immediately thought every single one of those White Southern Slave Masters and his first born son should have been executed after the War!!!!  I might have even asked the question why they weren’t executed in grade school and got the big eyebrow of shame for doing so?  But as I read this morning’s newspaper concerning the Civil War and immediately after Lincoln’s death, it reads that three men were shot dead for saying that they were glad that President Lincoln was dead!  …I see that at that time… I was not alone in my grade school point of view!  (Would we be better off with one Abraham Lincoln or three newt eyed morons one would ask? And the point being is that you see absolutely no men of that level of integrity in the United States today!  None!  We have an occult youth who blindly support Presidents that have tortured human beings!  Why, because it hides their own newt eyed inferiority!  Those horrific people that tortured and compromised our Constitution serve to create a wall of fear for those men who would stand up, with whatever wavering voice they might have and say, “No, No!  Enough of you!  You never belonged here!”

And are we really producing all those grains to be shipped to China in order to feed a slave labor work force that produced 57 million tons of electronic waste a year?  I think that is what is going on.
I have also been told that grains shipped to foreign countries have pebbles or something added to them so that the farmer is not getting the full price of his bushel barrel!
So indeed if China claims to be the economic power house it does let them grow their own food!  They can’t do it with water from the Yangzhou River or rainfall from smog ridden skies!  And maybe those in California really got as dumb as they are from drinking SMOG WINE!
And here is why they want to legalize pot.  I was reading that when it was given to black miners that they worked all day long without signs of physical stress.  I also read how black women, from my memory in Africa, liked to take pot before birth and whenever they were nursing.  That might be why African Americans intelligence is less?
No responsible human being would pollute the same water that they drink from to that degree.  And I have to wonder if wine wasn’t invented so that those who drank it could poison the water supply of those who didn’t have access to it with feces?  Might not have been invented that way but those who drink alcohol act in that exact same manner!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 04 14 2014
Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

But we cannot become organic agrarian unless we have the strict death penalty for all sexual molesters of children, human traffickers (slave masters) and drug dealers!  Those should be Death Penalty Offenses!  So first we need to clean up the country so that it doesn't end up reverting to less than human!

And there might need to be two classes of citizens whereby the healthy human being conceived and raised by two loving opposite sex parents will never have to suffer to the benefit of the defective minded! NEVER!

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