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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

They knew your thoughts decades before you were diagnosed with Schizophrenia

They knew your thoughts decades before you were diagnosed with Schizophrenia

Russia has far too long played a role in distracting America from our Constitution Values through conflict.  As if it took its cue right away after WWII to help build a military industrial complex the world over that would defeat the United States Democracy from the inside out!
How many people who are receiving welfare for schizophrenia really don’t have it?  Instead they have something that is the exact opposite and causes schizophrenia?  They were raised on the thoughts of a man or woman whose mind was demonized to hear voices and that is there personal identity.  They cannot change that identity and don’t want to because it is like Shangri-La or heaven to them!  To live in the world of a living person that has come before you!  And when they are defeated by that mind that was demonized for them then they no longer enjoy life and seek to drain our countries monetary supply through false diagnosis and receive the welfare. What are they really?   Keep in mind the following concepts, (Ein meaning one being Adolf Hitler’s favorite word, Pamako being the precursor word of origin for the word pharmacy that meant both witchcraft and all like elder brother and what my Jewish friend told me when we were boys and had a conflict one time, “What if you could only be one person in life and it had to be someone other than yourself.”
I can tell you that a person who actual hears voices gets 10 to 30 times less welfare than a person who was born mentally defective!  So here we see who might be motivated to drain our country as stated above.  I once read that the parents of a mentally retarded child receive $80,000.oo a year to take care of that child.
The media and actor business breads about the same type of person.  And what you will learn is that they will state that they did not go to school like normal children because they were working so hard in the movie business.  That isn’t true!  They didn’t go to school like normal child because they were spoiled rotten mentally retarded and no one could get along with them.  And I am talking about young women who are so spoiled that they assumed the identity of a man whom was demonized for their benefit in adulthood!  So this has been the perspective of the American Media and its negative influence.
Now I went to a new political party meeting once.  And they all seemed to be that way; mentally retarded.  And the leaders of that meeting asked them what kind of a world they wanted.  This was really part of channeling a belief system and you could watch it happening; the mind control.  If you have ever sat through one of those events where someone tries to sell you a time share and if you attend the event you get a free miniature Cathode Ray Tube television set you know what they are like. It was like they were asking spoiled babies with silver spoons what life should be like!
Do you want guns?  No!
Do you want gay marriage? Yes!
Do you want a Wal*Mart? No!
Those members looked like a loony bin was cleared and they were brought to the meeting!  Many of them looked to have features of mental retardation such as fetal alcohol syndrome patients do.  Now Fetal Alcohol syndrome, inbreeds, Asperger’s, Down’s Syndrome and the autistic all look to have very similar facial feature dimensions to me.  And this brings up the Republican Party, Cathy McMorris Rogers and her Down’s syndrome child!  If you ever hung out with Neo Republican back in college you realize that they drank like fish!  So there children all likely have birth defects.  Somehow they convinced the State of Wisconsin? To pay them $80,000.oo a year to take care of those children.  The only way that children like that can learn anything is if a human mind is demonized with voices and they are inverse imprinted from it!  And that violates every fiber in the Constitution of the United States.  It is in effect a religion whose presence in the United States violates every principle in our Constitution such as the separation of church and state, the right to be free from additive substances as a matter of Liberty,  the right to be free from slavery and any form of involuntary slavery.  To name just three.
So how does Vladimir Putin and Russia play into this?  The last thing I read in the Milwaukee Journal was that the Republican Party wanted a leader like Vladimir Putin.  Now you add up everything in this article and the conclusion that you come to is that if Putin ever took one step on American soil he should be shot dead on site!  And I am not joking!  Russia had a large part in Lee Harvey Oswald’s assignation of JFK as did Jack Ruby!  Jack Ruby was stated to be the man who was to establish organized crime in Texas at the time Kennedy was shot there.  Paying parents $80,000.oo a year to take care of one of those children is organized crime in our Government!  We also know that Chicago where Barrack Obama came from was a hotbed of Russian Organized crime involvement in politics.  And it does a nation a lot better good if members of organized crime are just lumped into one group of the mentally defective!  Oswald an English surname left the United States to work at a very high technology Russian Aerospace company called Gorizont before being allowed to return into the United States to shoot Kennedy!  I believe that the true victims of the medical fraud of schizophrenia in the United States are victims of technology that was developed by Gorizont or other world military industrial contractors (Great Britain invented something that could make a person mentally ill too at the time of WWII and that was the Magnetron generator and Tesla Invented what a particle wave weapon and marketed it to the U.S. and Germany, And indeed Marconi who invented Radio spectrum type equipment bragged to the Pope who was in league with Adolf Hitler that he had, “loosely paraphrased, Invented something that could harness the power of God!”.  All of those technologies are on the magnetic spectrum and can be modified to make a person artificially hear voices in their heads! (So that doesn’t bother you?  How would you like it if a mother of a Down’s Syndrome victim sat with that child in a building near to your home and spoke to your head via the use of that technology?  You might end up bleeding from the ears and nose as I did, from the percussive force.
Off topic, Does it make any sense to you that the United States is building Littoral battleships for sale to foreign countries?  That is the dumbest thing we could ever do!
They knew your thoughts long, long (decades) before you ever had symptoms of schizophrenia.  And the reason they knew yours was because they were not able to form their own; because of a hippo campus defect.  The confederate south was a lot like communism!!!  A bad man once told me that the south was good in War because they were hunters.  That isn’t true!  They were good at it because they had the hippo campus defect and therefore the predatory mind’s eye of a predator beast!  The only way a whisky bottle child can be raised is through Inverse Imprintation.  And it creates a mind that is the same as a predatory beast!  Snowden also stated that the FBI recreated the evidence trail in many cases so that the real source of it could not be known!  That real source is that it came from the mind of a predatory beast on the payroll.  Which means one thing, the one who knew of the crime also likely demonized the person to commit it!  (Federal means of or related to a queen.)  And those whose minds are defective want nothing else in life than the comfort of a woman making things good for them.  We see that with the FBI and also the Federal Reserve and the Federalist Society.  Those are elements of a monarchy that are outlawed per the United States Constitution!  We are guaranteed a Government by the People- called a Republic!  So if you had Confederate oakies that wanted to take over the United States the first thing they would do would be to infiltrate the party that prevented them the first time; and that would be the party that was founded to abolish slavery- The Republican Party!

I recently read how some New York Police officers figured out how to lie in order to get welfare payments for mental illness.  If there is less fraud then there is more money for the real victims of this affliction!
With that being said I am going to start a petition that denies any type of government or state aid to the parents of those with children who were born mentally defective!
If you agree sign my petition!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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