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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Why are Liberal Cities Bad for Blacks 04 12 2014

Why are Liberal Cities Bad for Blacks 04 12 2014

The old Democrat party was the slave owning party of the Confederate South.  In a liberal world the women rule men that are helpless to think for themselves.  That’s why they are bad for blacks; lack of responsibility for human rights!

There was a Progressive Democratic Party at the time of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Progressive really meant a Progressive (new) form of slavery based on the Magnetron Generator that was invented by Great Britain pre WWII!  And Great Britain was indeed allied with the South in the Confederate War.  The South wanted to keep slavery intact the North were abolitionists!  The North won and it is outlawed per the United States Constitution!  What we also saw give rise to after WWII was the Corporate form of company.  And it was a English form of business where by the queen could hire pirates without being liable for their actions and also an Italian form (think Axis Nazi) whereby the original forms were burial groups, and that means genocide groups.  The key tenet of FDR's New Deal program was based on a Eugenicist from Wisconsin who was the President of the University of Wisconsin Madison whose name was Charles Van Hise and he believed that, "One must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry!"  It really means that the non-defective minded became mental slaves to the defective minded and were labeled schizophrenics.  Their minds split and therefore their individuality gone!  And this medical fraud has been going with the aid of technology for 82 years!  The defective  minded are created by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum disorders that destroy parts of the hippo campus which is responsible for memory and learning!  The Eugenics program got its start in Wisconsin as a town that was built around a brewery Alma Wisconsin was full of imbeciles and one man who was demonized for his human mind for the benefit of the defective minded! From the United States it spread to Germany (Ger is the hebrew word for strange) and Adolf Hitler!

FDR was a high ranking official in the Navy prior to becoming U.S. President.  He was part of ship design.  And a man who served in the U.S. Coast Guard told me that one after the other Naval Radio operators went insane!  Another WWII Veteran told me that Great Britain had knowledge of the United States fleet whereabouts in the Pacific before Pearl Harbor and refused to tell us!  When Churchill was done with WWII he gave the Druid society symbol, the druids worship the monkey as a religion!  We also get our sense of homosexuality and lesbians being normality from English researchers who were voyeurs just like Adolf Hitler was, Masters and Johnson.  Gays and lesbians are really created to be that way through a combination of factors, one being identity strip-page due to the influence of alcohol on the hippo-campus and the other being Inverse brain imprintation!  Which is where human beings are tortured and their minds are dislocated from them!  And indeed schizophrenics are a victim of that torture!  And the Satanic are not going to want to give that up because to them there is nothing better than the experience of being a normal human being!  As a Catholic Priest once said, "Without that holy spirit we are nothing!"  He was referring to the clergy!

The reason Liberal cities are bad for blacks is because the white Liberals in those cities siphon profits out of our economy through the use of the Magnetron Generator!  And they don't really have any care for the people in those cities one bit!  They have the easy life because in effect they have tomorrows newspaper today through the dislocation of human souls using the MG, it allows for perfect information as to the Stock Market and Professional Sports betting.  And it allows for the dimwits to pyschoenergize themselves to be something completely pretentious and verbal based. In effect a psychoenergized person is a talking head.  I think of that as I read that Carl Zimmerman was a poor child that came from nothing and wanted the news to be for the common man.  He did not like talking heads.  He also wrote once how the chief of police in Milwaukee was doing great and then a few times that he should resign his commission immediately!  I write stuff like that too; accept I am a lot more scientific as to what a talking head is exactly and how they are born that way.  Carl died on April 11 2014 at the age of 96 years old!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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