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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Your were always FIRST 04 17 2014

Your were always FIRST 04 17 2014

You were always last in life.  But many other people had your same soul.  Which means that you were really always first!  And that is the reason that you were always last!  The people who are you trying to disprove that to themselves?  Hence no matter what you do you will always be last, for the sole and express reason that you were always really first.  Which means that they real people who are last never want you to know that you were always first!  Just sit back and say, "Compete all you want I know I am first anyway!" 

Now it might sound like a delusion!  But it isn't when you know that inverse mind imprintation through hearing voices is true.  It is the opposite of love.  In the psychologically and scientifically proven construct that when a father teaches his son something and they are participating together their minds become of the same brain wave frequency out of love.  Inverse imprintation is just the opposite!  A fatherless son or daughter intruding into your mind and displacing it and experiencing your annoyance and thereby imprinting themselves from your demonized mind!

Those voices are imprinting from your mind!  Just like chick-let's mouths squawk for a piece of worm!

This is indeed what Jesus Christ meant when he said the last will be first and the first will be last!

And what is the point of this?  Having positive thoughts like this, which are not a delusion, defeats the affliction!  Now I know what the next temptation you are experiencing is!  To run around all willy nilly happy and then inadvertently get in an accident!  Don't do that!  Just sit still and let that feeling sink in for a very long time!  And when you do the next thing do not be influenced in any way shape or form by your last sense of elation.  And when you sit down again realize that you were and are always first!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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