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Saturday, April 19, 2014

On the Pope and mega pay being an evil of the world!

On the Pope and mega pay being an evil of the world!

The Pope has more religious authority than that!  In some religion a Federation collects money from the wealthy members of the tribe to make sure that those of the tribe who are in need of it have some!
The Pope has the power and authority to do that with regard to the Roman Catholic Faith!  He also has the power to wage a Holy War if he so chooses.  Whereby those Catholics who did not comply with the wealth tithe would be hunted down and executed in the name of humanity and the poor!  And those who would opt out of the religion because of the rule would not be exempt from persecution.  A member of the Catholic Faith who attempted to opt out because he had to tithe a great portion of his wealth could indeed be labeled a pagan in such holy war and hunted to extinction!
If you want to be a Catholic you can only have less than $50 million in assets?  Jesus Christ drove the money changers out of the Temple!  They had actually set up kiosks there when he went on a journey!  A modern day equivalent would be like a Life Insurance Salesman’s business car posted on a church bulletin board or in the back of the church bulletin!  Or church faculty possessing a gratuitous calendar from a local business man.  Or a Catholic School little league team having “Joe’s Bar” on their jersey or having the jerseys paid for by “Joe’s Bar” or “He Hah’s Beer” 
My father was a school teacher and he would have never had the money to sponsor a little league uniform like Joe’s Bar does!  All the kids see those new Joe’s Bar uniforms and they think he is of far greater importance than a teacher.  The fact is that Joe can’t even teach his own children!  Joe believes in the You can’t see me provision from my previous article today!
That alcohol is it’s own religion and counter to the Catholic Faith.  Who is it that would crucify Christ?  Likely a man born mentally impaired in some subtle way from fetal alcohol syndrome.  What issue would a normal human being have ever had with Jesus Christ?  (There might be some but they would be hard for most of you to understand so I won’t delve into that counterargument here.)
Believe me Jesus Christ saw what Joe was very well indeed he did!  Joe couldn’t live with it. Just as one cannot see the face of God and Live.  Hence Joe had no choice, rather than dying from implosion he had to kill Christ that saw him as being a defective minded monkey equivalent!
It is very refreshing to have a world leader that see’s things exactly how they are and should be interpreted per the Bible.
If you feel that great evils have been committed with the backing of religion in the past in order to make great sums of money then sign my petition regarding all churches of any type in the United States.

If you fear persecution for signing remember they already know who you are from your facebook page and beliefs.  They already know what you believe so don't be afraid to support that belief!

Happy Easter.
Thomas Paul Murphy
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