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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

“Ova’s Second Choosing” Aspects of Demonic possession 04 15 2014

“Ova’s Second Choosing” Aspects of Demonic possession

Something someone said here got me thinking. It has to do with those voices being of women and deep as if they are transgendered or have undescended testicles. And it was about demonic possession having effects on the crown of the head, the back of the neck and the lower spine.  All places that might be considered remnant formations of the male sperm?  The tail of the sperm being the back of the spine?  The back of the head of the sperm being the crown of the head?  The neck of the sperm being the back of a neck of a human being?  Do you see where I am going with this?  Most of us tend to think of the sperm chasing after the egg.  But what if the egg metaphorically chased after the egg in some way?
What if a woman can be thought of as a fertilized egg?  Then what if a woman who did not like what sperm had fertilized her chose to seek to possess the spirit of that which she would like to really be in life?  It would be like pac man?
Now why would a woman reject a sperm that was part of her creation?  If it was dim witted from the beginning because it was mal influenced by alcohol and oxygen deprivation to it?  In other words she knows that there is something better than what she is out there and seeks to envelope it?  In effect a title might be “Ova’s Second Choosing!”
With the great amount chemicals that affect hormones today we are going to see a lot of “Ova’s Second Choosing,” people come into existence!  Creating a bad hormone mix in a woman whereby she believes herself to be the mobile and chasing sperm instead of the passive and docile egg!
I also believe that for this hormone reason Lesbians and Gays are more prone to be those who would seek to envelope the embodiment of a good sperm (or egg to address females who hear voices) of a person through demonic possession!
Monotheism so she can chose what soul she wants to be after she is born?  Alcohol was a family wealth business and she therefore had the money to empower herself over human beings this way?  Was Jezebel from a Vineyard Family?  Odds are very high that was true and that is what made her so evil.  “Ova’s Second Choosing” also applies to men that don’t like what they are?  And perhaps the horror of this is the fact that the Roman Emperor Caligula’s favorite method of tortures was to eat the testicles off a live man bound as if on a cross!  This is also the bad strain in the Catholic Church that sexually molests boys!  The sexual molestation of children by anyone should receive the death penalty anywhere in the world as should the act of enslaving through prostitution, vondoon psychiatry (psychiatry is really a religion and hence the United States Government may not make any laws concerning the respect of that religion per The United States Constitution.)  Also every drug dealer should also receive the death penalty because they have one goal in mind, to screw up a healthy human being for money!
We need to be very clear with them that our parents made good choices for us and that those are our personalities, skills and souls that they are trying to APE {through Inverse Imprintation; the act of demonically possessing a man or woman through projecting mental voices or chanting and displacing their ability to think for themselves and use the mind/brain that they were born with,} and it will not be allowed!
Ova does not get to choose whom she can demonically possess as an adult woman!  Nor may she be allowed to raise her children through the demonic possession of healthy human beings!  OVA is only allowed to make her initial choice and that is it in life!  Ova has to accept what she is!  She is not allowed to believe she is a healthy human being at that healthy human beings expense!  And boys should never have their minds imprinted by the smaller heads of woman in single parent families.  Again, Ova made the wrong choice that time too!  A boy needs a father and it cannot be one that is captured by 10 males and brought back to an Essene village to live in tortured exile by an evil master as he teaches children to learn by being evil to the exiled priest!  But it was also for the benefit of OVA wasn’t it!  She wanted to be of that mind capable of higher thought too didn’t she!  And perhaps this is through the mal hormonal influence that might be called cannibalism of reproductive fluid!  Good God when I was in high school I had a jock friend and that is all he talked about, “eating pu$$y.”
And for those of you who wonder how I am able to write?  Sometimes the voices go along with what I am writing in delight of the concepts!  It is very hard to break through to get to that point though; but worthy of a try.  Try this coping technique, “Blessed is the one who reads out loud!”  Just do it as you sit in your home!  Don’t have any anxiety about it whatsoever!

So come on Nun lady it is time for the Inquisition?  Ultrasound will indeed tell us if you have undescended testicles?  And perhaps those airport security cameras have logged whether you have a pecker too?  And then whose house are you driving to be nearby after you get off the plane?  Is it that of someone who has been diagnosed with a split mind?  You never thought anyone would be able to know did you!  WE KNOW!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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