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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Transitioning belief systems of Defeatism 04 27 2014

Transitioning belief systems of Defeatism 04 27 2014

The worship of the monkey transitioning into the belief system that it doesn't matter what you do as long as when you die you ask to be forgiven are both forms of defeatism! It doesn't matter what I do because I am always wrong is the equivalent of worshiping the monkey.  It is really the psychological principle of learned helplessness.  Also it doesn't matter what I do as long as at the moment of my death I ask to be forgiven is also learned helplessness.  They are both Confederate beliefs!  And what do men raised under those belief systems become?  Helpless to think like men and hence need a queen to worship; and that is the threat of the monarchy.  If they had a King they would be helpless to do what he told them.  So they beg for forgiveness from the Queen!  And that is really learned helplessness to isn't it!  It doesn't matter what I do if momma forgives me?  Doesn't that make you sick to think about it? That which worships it's momma Queen cannot compete in the world of men can it!  Hence we have the next Confederation of Professional sports!  Whereby momma gets to watch them play!  And they don't play fair or nice either do they!  The truth of the matter is that Professional sports are not played in a professional manner!  In fact some of the men are forced to grow their hair long like momma did!  So momma can identify with them better and not punish them as much!  The average child on the school playground can play those games more professionally than a professional athlete can!  So what would the world be like if all Professional sports teams had to allow those who play the sport more professionally than them also use that facility.  For example instead of the half time commentators musing about they players arrest records they might talk about the wide receivers new novel.  Or the quarterbacks new invention.  Now that is the way the world was meant to be!  And what would happen if the NFL did not schedule correctly and that league of men players had those 3 hours at Lambeau Field or Miller Park reserved for them?  Be a lot of babies crying wouldn't there!  And they would likely turn violent.  Something that real professional athletes would never consider as they play the sport on the playground.

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Of course if you don't agree with me then you should teach your son how to throw a punch under the left eye of another boy so that he leaves a gaping 1" cut there.  You would be preparing him for that adult world or professional sports right?  I have to ask again what type of male believes he can earn a living at playing a game?

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