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Thursday, April 17, 2014

When I worked at First Analysis in Chicago 04 17 2014

When I worked at First Analysis in Chicago 04 17 2014

I went out on the town a few times.  They had a service, a man named Brian Hand (he was head of human resources) who worked there showed me, whereby if you got a girls number at a bar you could call that service number and give them that girls phone number and they would tell you every SINGLE thing about her!  NO FREAKEN LIE!

Now that was back in ~1991!  And it has profound implications with regard to everything doesn't it?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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I also wrote a story and published it called show time, about how members of a Florida flight school had a secret way that they could watch fellow students have sex with women that they picked up at college bars.  Likely they videotaped it too!  How many women made it in the media business because there are good secret flicks of them floating about in some skull and bones frat closet!

Okay with regard to those involved in human resources of corporate America they form part of the most god awful sloth network you could ever imagine!

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