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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Baptism of Jesus 04 15 2014

The Baptism of Jesus 04 15 2014

Could it be that the baptism of Jesus was supposed to be a big party for him (was the last remaining heir to the Hasmonean dynasty) and they (King Herod via John the Baptist) tried to drown him?

It's his party and he'll cry if he wants to?  He then is said to have wandered in the dessert and was tempted by Satan?  Was Satan really then the Demoniac that was chained in the Cemetery? And if Jesus was able to release him does it mean that villages were allowed to keep Demoniac's as prisoners in cemeteries?  Did Jesus keep a prisoner?  And release him after the threat of King Herod or John the Baptist?  "Release the demoniac you 5417 kid!"  Something of that nature was the nuance?

Do we know what date in history that occurred on?  Does it correspond to a date of holiday or celebration per religion?

We know from the Bible that Jesus was indeed from the House of David!

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And for what it is worth that water boarding of today is synonymous with keeping a someone prisoner and making a demoniac of them (water boarding and non detectible ELF below the theshold of hearing of everyone who wasn't traumatized by you means!)  Release them!

That keeping of a Demoniac prisoner is indeed the equivalent of the Jewish Essene religion of the exile priest that was raised the children who were under the control of the evil master!  Per the Dead Sea Scrolls.  And therefore if Jesus was able to release a man in chains it means he was the caretaker of the demoniac and had the key to his chains; otherwise the demoniac could have freed himself.  And hence when we here the Catholic Doctrine of he died for our sins it means he died because he was the keeper of the Demoniac?  And having the Demoniac kept the villagers down below happy as liked to hear him wail and cry for help in the cemetery?

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