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Monday, April 14, 2014

Al Sharpton the Mafia and the Music Industry 04 14 2014

Al Sharpton the Mafia and the Music Industry 04 14 2014

He revealed that the Mafia controlled the music industry.  That means they also control the television music industry.  That means much of the message in the music and the problems that we have had as a result has been controlled by organized crime.  And organized crime in the United States was said to have been started by the handshake of an Italian man and a Jewish man.

Now it is not antisemitic to post facts like that and I am not antisemitic either because I know that they are Jews who suffer from hearing the voices of the lesser race lower worlder's in their heads too!

That same criminal group also wants to control knowledge because it is the one thing that they cannot possess! 

Because they have had their hand in the music industry it means that the rights to any and all music from movie and television soundtracks as well as that readily broadcasts on the radio should be null and void!  And possibly the rights can be re-certified after a review process.  It also means that most music and television has been criminally produced and therefore a profit cannot be made on it!  The participant media network assets should be transferred to the U.S. reserve and the doors to the media companies barred from entry!

And perhaps the best thing this country could ever face would be a sobering up from our media companies!

Have you noticed that there has been a transition?  It used to be that if the average person thought someone should not be appearing on television that they lost their jobs.  But that is no longer the case they just keep coming back and back no matter how dumb they act or what crimes they committed!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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