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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Missing teen by the RIVER 04 17 2014

Missing teen by the RIVER 04 17 2014

Now I didn't read the full news article or hear the story.  Those this is just based on an initial concept.

No warm blooded young American male who read Tom Sawyer doesn't have the exact same idea as this young man did!  In fact there should be plentiful campsites all along the rivers in this country for people just like him!  God bless him!  The fact is that you get going on a river and there is no place to get off where it isn't private property where you fear the resident coming after you with a shot gun or making you his Dahmner captive!

God bless him for having the courage to do what he should be allowed to do; camp by the river!!  I envy this young man!  He is forcing the issue of what life should be like for young men!  It should be all elbows to the nose on the basketball courts or have your back broken by a kid that is too big for his age on the football field (Too big for his age and yet not smart enough for his age is a real bad combination! And we shouldn't have to deal with these people!  Those who are too big for their age and not smart enough for their age; we should find a nice little penal colony for them.  In lieu of that FEMA detention centers would work very nicely.  It will be a long process to reverse the damage done by FDR Eugenics and natural selection defeated by psychiatry!

I envy him like I do Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.  The next thing they will want to do is ban one of the absolute greatest writers in history; Mark Twain (AKA Samuel Clemons)  Why, because their sissified sons will want to do the same and get stranded in the fast water and cold weather and die of hypothermia or drowning!  This young man didn't.

There is no place that is safe to get off!  And there should be campsites every half mile by law for boaters!  But not for those drug users like Occupy Wall Street was!  And we can indeed do this through the eminent domain provision in our law.  Those port campsites must have a road access point so that people are easy to get to.  But you know what that ruins the whole thing because no one wants to be bothered like that while they are camping.  And the contraction to that is that drug using kids and adults do need to be monitored.  So the solution is that known drug users are not allowed to!   Just plain and simple language, not allowed to!  

And it can't be like a bum camp either.  No one wants to pull up to a bum camp.  Which means you are limited to one overnight camping?  No the solution to that is that there are enough camps so that you can have three nights at one and not violate the rights of others who need a place to camp.  And they actually don't need roads to them.  Just marked paths and Marking Signs driven in by the river side that the boater can spot.  Perhaps a public phone by the road at the end of the path that is accessible use via your social security number?

But before we can ever do this we need to eliminate all drugs and alcohol from our Country! Too many freaks have been born from that and it will take awhile for them to filter out of our lives!

PS. I have had my GPS jammed more than once while boating and on fishing trips!  There might indeed be charges of murder that can be brought against someone who tracks and stalks you and then jams your GPS!  A relative of mine was telling me that their is a cliff out west where peoples GPS is jammed as they approach it!  Also those who have died in car recall failures might indeed have had their cars system jammed.  A Croatian who married a neighbor of mine once told me that he has a friend who figured out how to decode satellite cable television signals and receive free television!  Which brings me to an off topic, if a thief can receive it free and be immune from prosecution because it would be an illegal search and seizure to catch him then we all should receive it all for free!  For all we know that person built those boxes and gave them to all his Croatian friends.  Which brings me to the next point if you sell your microwave oven to a Croatian should you ever have to fear that he will make a microphone attenuated weapon out of it to commit neighborhood genocide with?   By law they cannot search your home for that reception box.  And what this also means is that you are paying for their television with a higher price of yours!  But the underlying point is that pay for television was the wealthy's no brain idea of how to squeeze the public for something that was free!  And when you watch it it is like experiencing the effect of having your life's energy sponged from you!  So make it all free so that none of us have to put up with that!

So he is on spring break and that is what he wanted to do?  God bless him!  And I make these comments without regard to any knowledge of how fast the water currents might be or have been!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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