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Saturday, April 19, 2014

How Long Before England has its first Lesbian Queen 04 19 2014

How Long Before England has its first Lesbian Queen 04 19 2014

Brings up a lot of questions doesn't it!

I read that 20% of English women have engaged in Lesbian Sex.  And a lot of them binge drink.

Who has the monarchy after her?  For example if she adopted a child it was be the first bastard monarchy?

So it would indeed be a bastard Royalty?  That is what I have stated it has always been.

But a new term needs to be applied?  An inbred bastard?  For having a child outside of wedlock is part of the definition of an illegitimate child so that is a bastard.  But two members of the same family having a child was never thought to be a bastard because?  To me that is a bastard inbreed!

An inbreed is a bastard to me and hence never deserving of a monarchy!

And they tried to pull this Royal family line on us with Clinton.  But none of that matters because he was a bastard!  Bastards aren't royalty!

A boy who is not imprinted by the mind of his own biological father is a bastard too, in my humble opinion!  Why?  He does not have the legitimate mind of a man!  And a person with an illegitimate mind is a bastard to me!

And as a Lesbian Queen she would participate in sexual grooming sessions of young girls with the English Aristocracy.  You know the pass her around awhile and let her know she never has to worry about at thing in life afterwards because she is a "made" gal.  And after those young women go through that ordeal they aren't going to give up that status are they!

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