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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Worse than Crucifixion 04 23 2014

Worse than Crucifixion 04 23 2014

That is what they will do to you if you come off of your psychiatric medicine.  Crucifixion only lasts a few hours but what they will do to you if you come off your medicine will last the rest of your life.  And all because you have the mind of a human being and they do not.

They likely did not ask Jesus Christ to drink Myrrh.  That is what they said it was just like people think they are being given a safe dose of a street drug only to die immediately of an overdose!

They likely wanted Jesus to drink something like Bella Donna or deadly nightshade that would ruin his memory for the rest of his life and make him a zombie.  But he refused to take it.  To claim the victory that Jesus Won means just that!  Refusing to take it!  And you have the right to liberty not to!

Claim that victory and you make a statement!  You are free for the rest of your life!  You will still hear voices but at least you will set the record straight!

What really needs to happen is that those who would live on the soul of another human being need to be deported from the United States to a penal colony somewhere!  Monotheism is really a woman's concept whereby a man believes he only has to answer to one woman in his life and when he does so he is safe.  That isn't true is it!  And not only that most of those marriages end in divorce.  The pro life movement has the same monotheism agenda; have as many of those children as you want because they will all be raised from the demonized mind of the same human man (monotheism!)

What does it really amount to?  It is a drug culture race and those are children and people from drug using parents and that drug is alcohol!  And those are the adaptations they imposed on our society for the ruin they caused themselves from believing in that drug culture!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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