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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

So why cede from the Union 04 15 2014

So the Republicans put a lame duck Governor in office so that after a while of that they can justify ceding from the Union? 
But why?
They couldn’t make a dollar without taking it from you first!
It has to do with the idea that they wanted to join three states as one, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana.  They want to sell Lake Michigan water to other states as if it were oil!  And that would indeed fuel the interest on the wealthy’s money deposits!  And it would indeed reinvigorate the Financial Industry?  Speaking of which have you ever heard two bankers out to lunch saying how much money they made for the American Economy?  No that isn’t how they think, they think if I can make a spread on this mortgage I have made more money for the banks management.  And that was part of what caused the mortgage fraud.

And they will bring the Koch brothers and the University systems in to it too!  But the public won’t benefit in one single way from it!  There will be a ribbon cutting and everyone will be supposed to applaud the Koch Brothers for making the proprietary investment in the fixed assets!
When the rich are low on money they immediately think what does the public get for free that I can figure out a way to sell to them instead!  We saw this with Cable television’s takeover of television.  The talent is very low and so is the intelligence!  And you can’t get a reliable over the air signal like you used to; it readily becomes kaleidoscopic!  No Jazz or Classical music to relax the mind and work to either!  Instead we have psycho brats to listen to on the radio!  The compelling pumped up tenor voices of mad dog nervous aggression pushing us!  Who thinks they chose the wrong careers?  The underlying competence of the individuals you allow yourself to be influenced by makes a difference on how successful you are!  And with them around not very many of us are successful and nor is our economy!
Then what happens with that water?  They are going to figure out a way that we won’t be able to drink it because it has to go to other places and not us!  Just like they took the grain from Ireland during the potato famine!  And when we are all starving then the cruise ships come in and take us to Northern Africa!  That’s the evil plan.  They are going to sell your water while you die of dehydration and write the rich dividends on their money for it!  A wealth tax would put the kibosh on that right away.
And if our State ceded from the Union what would the common person do about it?  The Civil War was never called a Civil War by our Government instead the Southern States were treated as Secessionist States in a Rebellion!  And perhaps that isn’t the exact terminology I heard on the radio.  And why did they do it?  Because of the fear of not being able to make as much money if they couldn’t use slaves!  When I was in grade school and I read of Slavery and the Civil War I immediately thought that all Southern Slave owners should have been executed after the Civil War.
And what else did I hear about Republicans?  How they were fond of Putin?  It just brings up a very interesting concept as long as the wealthy have hoards of money they will be a threat to people that want to live in freedom!  Just like in the Westerns where the Mexicans come rolling in drunk, shoot a few villagers and take the year’s harvest as their own!  But with the wealthy it is a matter of families living in happiness that they can’t stand!  They can’t stand the love between a father and his sons?  It is like a drug they want to take from them and then deprive the world of!  They believe that if they create hardship in a family and deprive them of love that the wealthy’s self esteem is then raised because the ruining of families and prevention of family love is how they experience family love?  Something like that.  You would have to hear voices that distract your calm, cool and collective mind from its ability to hear itself think to understand what the wealthy will never have!
And what is all the machinations about?  The wealthy trying to find a way to make themselves seem more important by creating civil unrest?  Hey look at me I have money and I am therefore important and all my actions are not to be questioned?  It fits the pattern of harming human beings in order to boost your own self esteem?  They basically will always be that way because everything was given to them and they never had to achieve!  So it is hypocrisy to say the people are dependent upon the wealthy!  Just the opposite is true!  And you either pay that wealth tax or you leave this country!  There is no way you are going to call states your own domains!  But Barrack doesn’t seem to have much concern.
Didn’t you have a 5417 kid in your classroom that no matter what they did wrong the teacher held them in the highest esteem?  It gets to the point whereby they keep showing up everywhere because they believe themselves to be needed?  So that is something else we need to do?  Those bully’s cannot continue to live in United States Communities; they and their families will have to be deported.  That way we prevent the defective minded from feeling that they are needed?  It sends the message loud and clear doesn’t it!  The way they want to feel needed will be to ration the water you can drink?  Like a child making a monopoly on a lemonade business?  He rides his bike to the other lemonade stands and nocks them over and dumps their lemonade until they get it?
That is starting to read like a rebellion to me!  If Homeland Security ever did anything right they would be able to provide us with lists of who is who.  For example which Wisconsin residents are supporting a rebellion?  Homeland Security is starting to look more like the Nazi SS or the Gestapo?
The rich never could invest correctly to make money.  So what they want to do next is act like the Government money is theirs and take Social Security from us?  Again the wealthy and/or criminal minded are not even needed here!  In fact they are not compatible with living under the United States Constitution.  So if they indeed like Putin are they planning on allowing a Russian Military force to take us by surprise too?
Look what happens when the wrong people get in media and in power?  They talk endlessly about nothing with no solutions until they find ways to cause trouble!  That is how I can read their motives and where they lead to; pattern recognition!  Our government shouldn't be this complicated!  Nor should we have the problems we do.  The reason we do is because people who can't earn their own living have all the jobs and don't know what to do when they get them!  They got their jobs through networking.  That means asking who knows who.  What does that lead to?  Making decisions by asking someone else what to do.  In this case it was the wealthy who paid to put them in office!  The meek have it figured out that they just have to ask them what to do next in order to keep their jobs!  Wouldn't it be great if the wealthy told them good things to do for a change?  It is impossible because their mindsets didn't develop that way!  They developed by speeding ahead and then backtracking the thinking of human beings in order to take advantage of them? And that is how the criminal and defective minded are different and why they are threat to humanity!

And it really doesn't matter what rational they give for their actions (in ceded from the Union)it always degrades to the worst possible case scenario; that is almost guaranteed!

And this turned out to be more of diatribe as I was distracted by Baboons!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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