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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I don't fear being shot! 04 16 2014

I don't fear being shot! 04 16 2014

{Bloomberg managed to get his mug on television and that got me thinking about motives of those who want to break the Supreme Law of the Land and start the Gun Control movement! So this is all based on that with no reference to anyone in particular.}

Perhaps if you feel for some reason that you might be shot you should leave the country for that same reason rather than try and change our Constitution?  If you fear that you will be shot then you have the right to keep and bear arms!  But you seem not to want that right?  And you seem to not to want others to have that right.  The reason you don't want that is because you fear you are going to be shot?  There is implied guilt there isn't there!!!  So why should the rest of the country change and assume your personal guilt?  In fact if you feel personal guilt maybe you need to go to the County Court and confess in sworn testimony against yourself!

I don't think anybody wants to shoot me.  You could shoot me and I would never see it coming!  And I would die with a clear conscience!  I never saw that coming!  I can't think of a single reason why anyone would want to shoot me.   Our Constitution and this country was created for men like me.


I was reading about a man named Smith in Investors Business Daily in the Library today.  He was a colonist.  Before that he was a mercenary and beheaded three men.  Anyone the colony that he was part of in the United States was floundering.  There wasn't enough food.  He actually met up with Pocahontas. And she saved him from being killed.  But there were some Aristocrats who were colonists and he told them if you don't work you don't eat!  I think we need something like that in this country too.  Now a awhile back I proved that to work is to think!  Are there those who have someone else do their thinking for their work that requires thinking?  If so then you need to find a job where you don't have to think otherwise at some point you will not be allowed to eat!  Do you follow the logic?  We have $17 trillion in debt because people have been put in positions where they did not have the correct capacity for thought to fulfill those responsibilities and make a meaningful contribution to our society.  And I know that the only reason you covet those jobs is because you want to be seen as the person that does the thinking for a thinking type job.  But if it isn't true it isn't true and if you want to eat you are going to have to do your OWN work.  And that can only be done commensurate with your own ability to think independently.  And it isn't as if anyone wants to harass you while you work or take a whip to your back!  We just want you to work commensurate with your own knowledge and ability to think.  Are their members of your community that you have deprived of their ability to think?  What is implied that you are not doing work and therefore someday will not be able to eat!  And really many roads lead to that exact same fate!  So you are better to take your lumps sooner rather than later and get to work commensurate with your own independent capability to think.  And perhaps if you are part of the cult that would see to it that others cannot think and therefore cannot work maybe you should be deprived of your ability to eat?  Isn't that fairness?  You didn't want other people to be able to think, work and eat and now you yourself don't get to eat!  Would anyone ever feel sorry for you?  Who would feel sorry for you?  I don't see how someone would feel sorry for you!

And maybe other people in history have come to this same conclusion like that Mr. Smith did but they didn't articulate it for the historical record?  So that you would know exactly how poor decisions lead to bad fate?  You see the problem is that most of us had no idea you were so stupid that you didn't know how poor decisions like that lead to bad fate.  It was something we found incomprehensible.  Why?  Because our ability to work was based on our ability to think and we already thought about that!  Why didn't you?  And even as you would seek to deprive someone else of their ability to think you won't recognize that!  Who do you see in the mirror is it the same person as you are cognitively?  I think you see what you were told you were before you ever became anything so indeed there was no real becoming with regard to you was there!  You already thought you were something so you never became anything!  Now you might have been very successful by not becoming anything.  But some day if you want to eat you are going to have to work!  Nobody is going to say to you, that person was so beneficial in their thinking and contribution from that to our standard of living that I am going to work so that they can eat and they don't have to work!  Even those of us who can think for ourselves would roll up our sleeves.  But to the very end of humanity you would be the one back at Smiths Colony that felt that working in order to feed yourself is beneath you!  I can see you already!  You are looking at your hands in shame as everyone watches you and sees that your inept!  You see the way that you get over that is just to think that everyone is laughing at you already for your ineptitude and therefore you shouldn't be telling them what they have the guarantied right per the United States Constitution to do!  And sure the next thing we will see is the media assuaging your emotions with a video clip of you working in some special garden; and how that proves that everyone who had a notion of you being inept is wrong!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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