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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Historically there were two components to the medical fraud of schizophrenia 04 27 2014

Historically there were two components to the medical fraud of schizophrenia 04 27 2014

I wrote this after thinking of the gestalt of the African Woman nursing her baby in conjunction with marijuana use.
And what is the origin of Pamako (meaning witchcraft, pharmacy and also “all like older brother”)?  It is an old hag spitting in the beer in order to give all the children the same mouth based DNA and be all like their older brother.
And the Egyptians were said to be black and blacks also have the same gene as Jews.  And the Egyptians drank beer!  But here is where I differ with some scientists.  They would claim that blacks were the first humans.  I don’t believe that to be true.  Humans would not engage in Pamako in order to make people all like their older brother!
So in the article before this I linked that mouth leaven fungus to leprosy!  And what did Jesus say after noticing that his disciples had become dimwits and couldn’t remember anything likely after eating scraps of bread left by the Pharisees?  “Beware the leaven of the Pharisees.”  They became all like some older brother from it?  So it would appear that the medical fraud of schizophrenia has two components.
1.       Directed energy of the mental voice.
2.       The leaven (yeast, fungus, pamako, pharmacy, witchcraft, sins of the flesh-leaven they all mean the exact same thing from origin of translation) of the sloth minded.
And when a German sells you his beer is that not what he is attempting to do?  Make you all of his same spit DNA?  So rather than demonize a man for his human soul and make him hear voices all you really need to do is buy German beer and drink it?  Perhaps that is why some people like beer?  Because it gives them a sense of being from the DNA of someone else?  Perhaps beer is a worse cause of fetal alcohol syndrome than other drinks because it has a less alcohol content and therefore one drinks more and therefore saturates their body tissue more with alcohol including where the sperm and ova are kept?  And sure they want to say that alcohol doesn’t affect the sperm.  Get real!  If it affects the fetus and it does and is the leading cause of mental retardation in western hemisphere then it also affects the sperm!  And good God if it doesn’t say that right on the label causes reproductive harm!  That and the sons and daughters of fathers and mothers who drank might cause your normal child reproductive harm too!
So un medicated people who have been labeled schizophrenic and hear voices that demonize them and cause mental attrition and therefore the potential for oxidative brain damage.  You can rest assured that there is one benefit from it!  And that is this!  Your minds energy is specific to your DNA!  Hence anyone who tries to steal it and live off it will get sick with a disease!  Why? Because your mental energy is specific to your individual DNA!  You were born and that life energy was gifted to you by your parents and superimposed your DNA! Demoniacs may find that causing you to hear voices is the greatest monkey fun in the world but it is likely to cause them things like, cancer, pancreatitis, suicide!  But that isn’t your fault!  They should have thought this one out a little better but at the time they did not have the science.  Try and stay away from the Demoniac because they carry a sickness and want to transfer it to you!  The first notion you will have of this is when a demoniac hands you a drink; originally fermented by the leaven of the Pharisees?
And the Pharisees were Jews.  And also the King of Egypt was a Jew!  His name was Joseph!  It is right there in the Bible!  Jesus came from the house of David.  I believe that Jesus did not know about the second aspect of demonic possession and sickness listed above! 
This is all in my St. Joseph Edition Bible that I bought a long time ago!  They are going to try and edit it out and maybe even get it off the shelves!  You will not find reference to a demoniac in a bible Search but it is in the St. Joseph Bible! And that is a key to understanding the Bible and what it means in terms of the medical fraud of schizophrenia and world history!
Jesus was a true Jew (Jahu) from Israel!  The Egyptians were indeed Jews of Judah.  Judah and Israel were separate countries.  Joseph became King of Egypt and he was the son of Judah!  The Jews were enslaved in Egypt.  They were fed beer and bread.  And what did Joseph do?  He commandeered all the worlds grain supply so that he could eliminate the production of beer for seven years and free the Jews from slavery in Egypt.  The Bible also tells how the Jews were enslaved and it was through a machination where they showed up for work and only the last ones to come that day were paid?  The last to come to work were paid first and there wasn’t money to pay the first.  Hence the first had to keep working in order to get the free meal!  The last to come to work were likely conspirators to the owner of the workplace.  Reads a lot like how a corporate manager is hired above the workers in a corporation and immediately makes 6 figures right out of school versus those who have worked there for years and are not promoted!  What you will never believe is that the corporate manager that was brought in learned the job from the demonized minds of those who already worked and slaved away there for years!  Michelle Obama’s mother, a banker who trained but was never promoted, would appreciate that one!  I lived in Chicago for one year!  And after one year I believe they should be deported.  When Frank Sinatra sings Chicago is my kind of town you have to realize that the early footage of him singing looks like he is petrified!  Not of the audience but of organized crime?

Now when you read of how the Jews were enslaved does that not sound a lot like how members of the Republican Party want to eliminate Social Security? Also does it not sound like how pensions are wiped out through fraud and negligence of member companies of what is known as the current Tea Party?  THERE IS NO MONEY FOR THE FIRST WORKERS!  is what they try and tell the American public!  Why? Because the Tea Party pretended to work, chocked up $17 trillion in debt and spent those pensions! Tax cuts to the rich is also an incarnation of their is no money for the first workers who showed up!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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