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Saturday, April 12, 2014

How much of the Gun Control agenda is being pushed by the LBGT and immigrant communities? 04 12 2014

How much of the Gun Control agenda is being pushed by the LBGT and immigrant communities? 04 12 2014

Are we supposed to believe that you are more concerned and more rational minded people and should therefore make that choice for us?

And what about the immigrants that get here and then cause massive crime and engage in criminal behavior?  Are they not part of the Liberal agenda?  It can't be denied because of the comments Biden made!

I see a lot of Hill Billys in Wisconsin today.  It would seem that the one thing that prevented them from taking over the country the last time was that we guns in the North!

And isn't that concept of the Gay south part of the Confederate America?  What did Blake Shelton say on television the other day that alludes to the Southern Homo?  "A bad day where I come from is where you get the runs?"  And indeed it was the Confederate south that peddled boys as prostitutes to men in the Civil War.  It is also the south that let the illegal Mexican immigrants come into our Country.  Our United States dollars do not bear the image of a Confederate gay hillbilly wearing a skirt! That doesn't represent the Constitution that the integrity of our Dollar was based on.

The next thing you will say is that Jennifer Lopez should run for President.

I was reading in a National Geographic Magazine that many Florida Cubans would rather live in Cuba.  Perhaps because there are so many here from Cuba and Mexico we need to take over those two countries and force our Constitution on them?  But we cannot do that because we have too many problems in the United States that were caused directly by the South and illegal aliens.  And that isn't an issue that has been responsibly addressed by our Government.

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