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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bad Restaurant Get right up and walk right out!

Bad Restaurant Get right up and walk right out!

If you take one bite and it is bad Get right up and walk right out! "You can't make me pay to eat that poison!"  And if the first is bad do they really expect you to be able to eat something that comes from the same kitchen?

What are you going to do call the police on me and say that I wouldn't pay to eat your poison?  Food poisoning can kill you in less than a day!  And some badly prepared food is poisonous!  It can kill you in less than a day! So instead of Scott Walker having the backbone to enforce our health code we are not to rely on Government?  That is what it is there for!  It really is like bearing true witness against oneself!  The public should view it is a Politician boldly giving himself a vote of no confidence!  If they wouldn't vote for themselves why on earth did you?

A lot of those restaurants would not be in business if they didn't serve alcohol!

And you have to wonder if they make most of their money by selling drugs out the back door!

And also a person with a low IQ should never be allowed to be involved in the food service or grocery business in any capacity whatsoever! 

No you don't get a merit badge for opening a business that sells alcohol and poisoned food!  Instead you should get deported from the United States so that you NEVER AGAIN have the opportunity to open one here!  And I think I will write a petition concerning that!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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