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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Supreme Court Decisions Never used to be this volatile 04 22 2014

Supreme Court Decisions Never used to be this volatile  04 22 2014

When I say volatile I mean subject to be changed in such a short time after being made.

Which means they used to be based on a lot sounder decision making and what might be called spirit of the Constitution premise.

When decisions have been made in the past they have accurately taken into account any challenges that might arise.  But what we are seeing more today resembles slight of hand.  As if an ancient tribe had gotten into our Government and still carried a tribal belief that whatever you can get away with is reality.  Our problems today are far to great for that mentality to be allowed to prevail!

What it is evidence of is a stacked deck?  Or paid for legal opinions at the highest level where that should never happen with regard to the Supreme Law of the Land.

And indeed when you read how opinions of Judges were based it reads very unprofessional to me; if not horrific.

As if a snake wants to make a series of bad decisions and then after they are solidified; shed its skin and reveal itself.

Or a hidden agenda at work that is counter to our Democracy and Republic.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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