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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Black Students suspended at Disproportionate Rate iin the U.S. by Andrew Philips (my commentary on)\

Without reading the article, could it be that they are just not as well behaved as white students?

And if you look up the history of Marijuana you will find that African mothers used to like to take it during pregnancy and before breast feeding because they thought it calmed the child down.

What we know about it without a shadow of a doubt today is that it causes delayed brain/mental
development far worse than alcohol does!  The reason being receiving a reward system without achievement?

So there are people who view a human beings mind as something that should be devoured with none of it wasted!  And their victims are labeled schizophrenics, how long before they will start to want to only be fed by buckets of human body parts?  What am I getting at?  Human mental energy is DNA specific!  To steal it can only make the one who did so sick because it is incompatible with their own bodies!  And that leaves then with a disease that might even  be a plague.  And because they have the plague they can't provide for their own food and water.  They can't do that planning.  And what happens next is that they go chasing after the normal people because they had to have been the cause of all that and they eat them?  It has a history of repeatedly happening in Europe!

You are far more likely to hear the attrition of voices intruding in your mind if you are normal human being than if you are not.  I am just going to make that statement and claim it to be true!  Imagine if you will a little pot smoking boy that does not come into his own consciousness but rather that of a healthy human being?  He isn't going to want to leave is he!  And he can't "come into" his own because he has a defective hippo campus!  But he can sure talk about that adult with his own mind of a man to his friends can't he.  As the book of Matthew states, "Only the father knows who the son is and the son who the father is, unless the son decides to tell a friend."  And that son who is not the biological son of that father and his friends do indeed make up what the Bible terms the Seven Heads of the Hydra!  It is very interesting that it wasn't too long that after I stated that everyone who suffered from hearing voices in their heads was a Saint that two former Popes were granted Sainthood.  Not every Pope becomes a Saint.  Did they say, "That's me!"

If there own mothers have a history of doping them isn't that proof enough?

I also wonder how many mothers of black teenagers like it that their sons and daughters are using dope because it makes them more calm and docile and less of a threat to the parents notion or esteem of self intelligence? And what am I getting at?  The child who comes home from school and gets beat up because he has learned something in school that his low life disrespectful father didn't know!  Believe it or not some fathers hate that their sons learn in school!  Why?  Because again, it is a contradiction to their sense of self, intelligence and therefore esteem.  And perhaps they cannot help it because they have a defective hippo-campus from fetal alcohol syndrome of the breast milk laden with marijuana!  Anyone know who has the same gene as them and where the push to decriminalize drugs is coming from and why it is such a danger to humanity?  They will want to be fed with buckets of human body parts someday!

A child learns by getting in trouble and being disciplined for making mistakes.  In normal children with a human conscience and human reason making the mistake is discipline enough!  But what happens when a child is disciplined for learning more than his father?  What happens when a parent rather than discipline its child for making a mistake doesn't even have the mental capacity to realize it made a mistake?  Rather than that child make mistakes that parent is glad it is doped up, isn't it!

That father disciplines his child because it tried to think for itself!  Now isn't that the basis for organized crime?  Do we need a basis of organized crime living in our communities?  And it isn't a black and white issue either!

What we don't need is one mentally defective demon being corrected by a normal human being adult only so that the child goes and finds 6 friends so that the adult cannot escape the mental illness of that demonization.  Now Jesus knew of that and it might be the medical fraud his riches came from!  And also why Procula wanted him killed.  Demonizing men with voices in their heads only to cure them by telling the children to stop demonizing that human being?  But it was already too late for normal human beings wasn't it?  When they could no longer take care of themselves they got sun stroke and ended up in leper colonies with a leaven (fungus, yeast) of the pharisees skin illness?  Aha there is a point I didn't touch on before!!!!!  Just flushed that one out through typing!  I think that the dependent minded might all have that same fungus and it was with them since birth or passed to them by parents!  It likely causes a mild form of cognitive mental retardation.  And do you know what I can smell it on their breath from 30 feet away!  It smells like a moldy rubber tire inside a sweaty shoe of a person that never wears socks!  I also believe that whatever it is it causes Rheumatoid Arthritis!  I don't believe it can be cured because those who have it have the minds of sloth and don't want to be any other way than that!  You can't cure a person who has the mind of a sloth because they will then hate themselves and take it out on everyone else!  They might even become violent!  And maybe that is what the black woman who nursed her children with the adjunct of marijuana learned?

I am not a racist.  I am just exposing elements that might lead someone to be a racist.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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