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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

So they want to find cures for infectious disease? 04 23 2014

So they want to find cures for infectious disease? 04 23 2014

All well and good but you put those people in a quarantined area, like a FEMA disaster zone, first!

Then you won't want to find a cure will you because you know darn well there will be less money in it!

You want them to breed that aides and lichen planus so more people get sick and you have a larger market.  Not only that is makes the wealthy seem more intelligent when their is a diseased class of people living in their communities that are not as smart.  In business school terms they call that a larger pool of disposable income!

Allowing them to stay living in the communities of the normal is a community based approach that violates the rights of the normal as they are made sick by the diseased.  But in this community based approach the normal have their minds and souls torn from them in order to make the sick well again?  Create the mentally ill who hear voices in their heads so that you can transfer your pain and illness to them?  That is a community based approach and it isn't valid!

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