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Friday, April 18, 2014

The Buyers of the MIlwaukee Bucks 04 18 2014

The Buyers of the Milwaukee Bucks 04 18 2014

Hedge fund managers often make their profits through changing interest rates.  Now I have not examined the financial records of these two investors who appeared out of nowhere.

But I will say this.  That during the mortgage crisis it is a known fact that the London Interbank Offer Rate was manipulated!  Now what that means it that some people profited from the manipulation of that interest rate in ways that were not directly mortgage related?

What I am getting at it this.  To me it reads like a factor that causes people to lose their homes rolls in and makes an appearance and is greatly applauded by the media as a savior?

And for all I know these two men have records that are crystal clean!  So maybe my commentary really applies to those who made money during the mortgage crisis and derivatives that were other suitors that didn't win.

What am I getting at?  What are derivatives really?  They are a means to raid Governments, School Teachers and retirees of their life's income and pensions!  They are well crafted legal documents that are theft based!  And they are created by the same act of fiction that got us to absentminded believe that corporations are people.  You ever see someone explain something very complicated to a woman that hosts a talk show and she just wags her head up and down quickly in agreement with the explanation?  You and I both know that she didn't have the knowledge of comprehension required to be there but that didn't stop her?  That is about how our political process is going today.  All well and good you say because it benefits you?  Ask yourself whose hands this is all going to net out to?  Who will be the ultimate benefactor of this?  It will not be your children!  It will not be for the good of America's future as we know it!

I am going to have to start a petition that bans Commodity futures trading in all forms in the United States of America.  Also no American will be allowed to participate in that activity!  And if there are those who profited from derivatives related in any way to the mortgage crisis whereby the LIBOR interest rate was manipulated that money or assets purchased with it will be forfeited to the United States Government!

Now you might believe that Barrack Obama is a clean cut and highly intelligent Harvard Graduate, but I can guarantee you that he cannot comprehend the scope and full implication of what went on here and the aftereffects it is having on the United States!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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What am I getting at you elect me President and you will have your new stadium with that same amount of money but not them two!

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