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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Best Hamburger Recipe I have had in ONE YEAR 04 22 2014

Best Hamburger Recipe I have had in ONE YEAR 04 22 2014

A few months ago I bought a meat grinder.  The kind you make sausage out of from deer hunting.  I paid about $50 bucks for it at  Today I finally got around to using it.
Last night while I was at Wal*Mart I bought a packet of meat that was $4.68 a pound.  They were boneless beef ribs.  Today when I came home from my eye doctor I quickly read the manual, rinsed off the parts with warm water so that they didn’t smell.  Then I took three of those thawed boneless ribs and sprinkled them with a pinch of Coriander powder, a Pinch of Garlic powder and about 8 cloves that I ground fresh. 
Then I ran that through the grinder and caught it in a frying pot as it came out.  It made surprisingly more ground meat than I thought.  Meanwhile I had coated the griddle with rice bran oil and had preheated it on the top rack under the broiler.  You want the griddle to sizzle when you put the meat on it or it isn’t hot enough and you have to take the meat off and wait.
While it was cooking I sliced two buns and some sharp cheddar cheese and one red onion.
I flipped the meat several times and when it wasn’t red in the center it was done.  Immediately before it got to that point I added the slices of cheese to the top of it and put the buns on the top rack of the oven cut side up to brown them.  I also buttered the cut side of the buns a little bit so that it would be better.  You have to stay right there when you have those buns on because they will burn fast if you don’t watch them.  So after the meat and buns were done I put the burgers in them and set them on the stove top.  Then I tossed the sliced onion in the griddle heated it and stirred it until it was soft!
Served this meal with ketchup!
This was the best burger I have had in over a year!  Excellent!  Never thought it would be so good!  That rib meat had a soft texture and yet an old west taste like I have never had before in my life.  There have been very few commercial hamburgers that don’t turn my stomach.  This hamburger I made had a natural taste and flavor like you wouldn’t believe.  It did not turn my stomach!
And this is the comments the members of my household gave it.
“I ate it all! It’s good!  Or I wouldn’t have eaten it all!”
I was not sure that meat grinder would ever be worth it but it was!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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If I only use that meat grinder that one time it was worth it!

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