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Friday, April 25, 2014

God Versus the Seven Headed Hydra 04 25 2014

God Versus the Seven Headed Hydra 04 25 2014

Subtitled Possum Coping Strategy to Evade Demonic Possession of Schizophrenia
If you are awoken early in the morning by the hearing of voices it means that they are attempting to demonically possess you in order to ruin your day.  There is a natural way to defeat this!
As you lay in your bed keep your head to your neck to your shoulders very still.  As if you are dead!  What you will next experience is that you will hear little crackles in your neck and ears as the encephalitic pattern created their starts to fade!  The next thing that you will notice is that your sinuses that have been forced in inverse imprint to the encephalitic pattern of those voices will start to drain!  In effect that unholy DISEMBODIED spirit thinks that you are dead!  And it goes elsewhere or fades.
Now what am I talking about?  In the Bible we learn of the seven headed hydra.  It is said to be created as one spirit of a (boy) is defeated and it goes to find six friends to gang up with it on your spirit!  You have to read in between the lines but you will find it!
Now when I was in college a friend of mine told me of a game that he and some of his friends played whereby they would stand in a circle and put money in the pot.  They would then jack off, whoever jacked off first won the pot.  I believe that represents the seven head of the hydra in the occult too!  As it creates a unified disembodied spirit.
And what evidence do I have for this.  I used to have a German neighbor who was the heir to a German Wisconsin Brewery.  One day I was having dreams about some woman.  I resisted the temptation to ejaculate.  And got up and opened the shade to let the morning light it.  Low and behold what did I see, 6 boys who were in puberty stage running out of that house holding their penis’s in their pants as they ran to school!
Now when they get older they engage in a form of that occult that I call charging up the whore!  And I don’t know the exact details of it.
It is stated that schizophrenic have higher areas of brain cavities.  Einstein did too!  The way that happens is because you have been inverse imprinted and demonically possessed by minds that are more hollow than your own!  It either creates brain elasticity from the superimposition of encephalitic pattern or you have a stroke, a seizure or become mentally retarded.  And the seven headed hydra are not allowed to choose you for a father; it violates your Constitutional Rights!  They will have to bother their own father to whatever conclusion that comes to in our society!  Some people might indeed get hit by that en cephalic pattern and have a seizure and die from it!
So just try that.  Keep your neck head to shoulders completely still as if you are dead.  Breath very lightly without moving your mouth.  And you will see that demonic energy pattern start to fade.  And when those sinuses drain you will become more like yourself.  It is as if you are no longer carrying the weight of the mentally retarded on your Atlas shoulders!
The reason I believe it works is because that disembodied soul has a spermatic type energy to it that looks for something living to peck its way into!  If it thinks you are dead at the back of the neck it fades from you!  You might even be energized by that defeated energy that tried to defeat you.  I have not applied the technique to the base of the spine where I believe demonic possession also is a focal point.
But I believe a technique that might work to defeat that is sleeping on a cot whereby the weight of your body is formed to the concave center of the cot and your spinal column is longitudinally stabilized!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS it is stated in the Bible that Jesus healed the sick by commanding the demons to leave a sick persons body.  They yelped out of the sick person’s mouth as they left the body.  And it is also stated that he knew who they were!  It means they were of disembodied people origin.  If you read about African Shamans they have the ability to leave their spirit.  It is stated that they do so by a string that comes out of the end of their penis. So there we have a secondary validation of the disembodied self.  It amounts to people being made sick through the medical fraud of demonic possession.
The book of Matthew also tells of a second reason the Seven Headed Hydra are formed, “Only the father knows who the son is and the son who the father is; unless the son decides to tell a friend.”

Just lay there quietly like that and listen to the sounds in the back of your neck as they fade!!!!!!

And I don't know what happens when a woman with balls enters the mix or if a man with undescended testicles ejaculates.  Or what happens when a woman with a penis ejaculates.  Or a woman who has testicles that are undescended?? Those where all the goal of understanding from the Religious Inquisition weren't they!  What the h3ll is that howling at me they wondered and sought to determine!

Honest to God have you ever read about the sexual functions of the transgendered?  Has it ever been documented in science?  You would think it would have been a matter of great importance to understand!  But even as I write this I don't want to know about it!  But perhaps there are relevant facts about it related to demonic possession by the seven headed hydra.

And who would be a member of a Seven Head of a Hydra and what would be the motivation to be one?  If a son was not imprinted by the mind of his biological father!

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