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Friday, April 25, 2014

Flint Aged Voice Manager and the Heroin Faith 04 25 2014

Flint Aged Voice Manager and the Heroin Faith 04 25 2014

Have you ever complained to a business about a product that they sell you and a man with a Flint Aged voice comes out of the back as the manager to resolve the issue with you?  You never leave there feeling like you were indemnified or the satisfied customer.  Flint aged voice manager really never apologizes either in a meaningful way.  In fact his whole act is that you know he is from the Flint Age and therefore you won’t get your money back so you should just have to get used to living with and among Flint Aged people!
So what kind of religion would he like to have?  It would be one called the Heroin faith.  In the Heroin Faith any member of the community that complained about him would be killed.  He would also go about selling life insurance through the Heroin Faith.  And indeed at Sunday mass he would give you just a little bit of Heroin to get you started.  And of course because it is his religion he is allowed to do that as a matter of the Constitution?  Of course not!  But that is how he would argue it.  And when your baby came out deformed from the Heroin Faith he would make sure that no one would ever be allowed to have an abortion!  And right there and then you are a member of his Holy Family aren’t you.
And the point being that isn’t the Catholic Faith really the Alcohol Faith?  Even one drop is said to cause birth defects.  A woman is pregnant for nine months isn’t she!  In fact alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere.  But you better get used to it or you will have to deal with Mr. Flint Age voice.  And somehow no matter where you go in life Mr. Flint Age voice will be talking to you in your head!
A religion that promotes drug use is really organized crime!  And what happens when his Alcohol Faith isn’t making him happy, because there are normal human beings living in his community?  Well then Mr. Flint Aged Voice transitions he Religion to be the Heroin Faith doesn’t he!
Do you ever see a man from Flint Age Voice Religion driving a truck and you are tempted to think that you should be driving that truck and doing his work for him?  The next thing he wants you to believe is that you are not smart enough to drive his truck!  Well yes you are!
Mr. Flint Aged Voice can’t teach his own children either so he needs to have one normal human being around to do that for him!  And that is the one he likes to talk to!  Have you ever heard Mr. Flint Aged Voice and think,  You have been among us for far too long in the history of the world?
As I read about the problem Europe is having with the Roma from Romania who were indeed from India.  I wonder if Rome was indeed founded by roaming gypsies.  It is stated to be founded by Romulus and Remus?  And they were indeed left on the side of a bank of a river?  Were they then raised by Gypsies?  But wasn’t really founded by roaming farmers?  That is what history really tells us.  We know that twin babies left by the river could not found a horrific empire.  So it was founded by those that roamed!  Rome founded by those that roamed.  And I had believed that Romania was founded by the Roman Empire but the Roma from India who live in unclean lives and are said to be  petty thieves live there. 
And Mr. Flint Age has a wife is a career woman she blames you; not because you interrupted her ability to raise her children, but because you can think for yourself.  Monotheism would therefore be the goal and desire to poison every single mind on earth that can think for itself with alcohol; and ruin that hippo campus!  Mr. Flint Age never knew he was doing something wrong by talking to people in their head all day and the reason being is that the part of his brain that would have known that has a birth defect to the hippo-campus.  It is also the reason he is talking to you.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Okay I am going ahead and give you the seen of the priest holding the golden goblet of wine above his head as he says mass to the children as if he is saying, look what I have above your head you can’t have any!  Oh no!  You can’t have any!  And then when he drinks at the church dinner and laughs he pretends to be the happiest man on earth from drinking that wine.  And of course we know what he does to altar boys at the earliest opportunity to get them alone?  In case you are reading this 50 years from now and don’t know what I am referring to; Roman Catholic Priests have been found guilty of molesting children in large numbers the world over and the date is 04 24 2014.  And indeed their is an epidemic of heroin deaths and overdoses in the United States today.  Plus the fact that the trend we are seeing by what can only be termed the criminal minded among us is for the decriminalization of drugs.  It can't be done because it violates the Constitution because they are addictive.  And the fact is that if they are decriminalized Mr. Flint Aged voice will be spiking your food left and right and making it look like you were drug user who died of an overdose!

Somehow Mr. Flint Aged Voice has managed to distribute his drugs in War zones and even American Prisons!

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