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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Have you been Fraudulently Diagnosed as Having Schizophrenia 04 29 2014

Have you been Fraudulently Diagnosed as Having Schizophrenia 04 29 2014

The True Schizophrenic would be the person like Sybil in that movie.  She had no congruent self!  And would often drift into different personalities!  False idols one might say.
Schizophrenia really means Split (Schizo) Phrenic (Mind.)   So the distinction needs to be made between those who always had a normal mind and those who never did but hid it well?  You can’t split a normal mind unless you feed it odd drug after drug and then you are really just attempting to ruin it.  However that which was born with the defective hippo campus can never form its own self.  Hence any reality of self has been split since birth.  Visual gleaming of what others are form its memory.  Odd actions of bold criminals on television shows form its strength.  It has a megalomaniac personality in which it traumatizes human beings in order to develop an outward to inward sense of self.  By reflecting on its visual victimization memories of what it did to human beings rather than introspective thinking via reason and conscience.
I don’t see how they can ever diagnose someone that hears voices in their head as being schizophrenic.
Someone who hears voices in their head is the victim of the true schizophrenic that is searching for a personality to have!  Who would be suspects?  Societies flunk outs and borderline mentally retarded.
It has to do with the Hippo campus being the center of learning and memory!  How can you say that someone that was normal all their lives until adulthood when they were attacked by voices which our military stated knows how to create can be mentally ill!
There is a great difference between someone that hears voices in their head and someone that was never able to form a personal identity because of a hippo campus defect!  That unformed personality would not know bad from good and would not be able to form its own self.  Actors are better at forming other self’s than themselves.  Is this because they also suffered at the hands of those who did not have a congruent self or it was easier to be a figment of the imagination or false idol than a normal self?
Who are victims of the true schizophrenic?  They are those who hear voices in their heads upon graduation or other hallmarks of personal achievement the beast is jealous of?
So maybe schizophrenic isn’t medical fraud for all people.  But what I am getting that is that those who it really applies to are not diagnosed with it when they should be!  If that had happened none of us would be dunned for our skills by voices in adulthood.  And by dunning of skills I mean inverse imprinting.
I never believed I was anything I wasn’t other than a victim of hearing voices which we know are artificially created.
A human being that becomes a professional athlete believes themselves to be a man when they are not?  We played those sports more professionally when I was a boy than they do today and make millions for.
And this analysis stems from what I wrote somewhere else today.  Perhaps those who worshipped false idols had no choice!  What we know about the Hebrews is that after they were freed from Egypt all they did was drink and worship false idols.  That reminds me a lot of current liberal desires such as wanting to decriminalize drugs.
Everyone who never believed themselves to be something that they were not is a victim of medical fraud in this diagnosis.
The true Multiple Personality would be great danger to our world!  Why?  You would never know when a predator would emerge from them and devise new ways’ to victimize human beings.  And indeed the use of technology to make a human being hear voices in their heads is one of those!  Now I do indeed see why no one see’s the validity of any of my writings here.  If it had no self it would have multiple selves created of odd idolship and it would loathe human being the way that Satan did Jesus Christ.  If it has multiple selves very well indeed some of those selves could be of a different sex.  So how do we prove that a gay or lesbian is not a great danger to society; you can’t prove that to me!  How far would they go to claim a sense of self that wasn’t them was?  Would they figure out a way to use technology to artificially mentally scalp a human being?  Now if it adopts multiple selves of odd idolship what are the odds that any of those selves are good people?  Not very likely!  Why?  Because that is a complete contradiction of someone who can’t form a natural self.  In effect the ability of a person with a hippocampus brain defect would preclude them from ever being a good self!  At best they deprive a good self of their ability to think and wear that self as a shield during their daily work life?
Throw a few good apples in with the bad and no one ever believes that the good apples aren’t bad too?  The good apples can never get out of that basket can they?  Because that which could not form it’s own human soul would become dependent upon their minds and seek to always keep the notion that way!
I have to wonder if any of the truly schizophrenic were ever diagnosed with it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Did Lincoln start the civil war because blacks were moving northward and being used to drive people crazy like his wife?  The United States Government never labeled it a Civil War it was defeating an Insurrection!  I believe it restablished itself with FDR.  Who else would legalize alcohol other than that which wanted to hide its souless indentity and create more of the mentally defective?  Alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere.  And ask me if this belief of Charles Van Hise the University of Wisconsin Madison President and Eugenicist at the beginning of WWII, he was a key adviser to FDR's New Deal Program, he believed this, "One must surrender their individuality for the sake of the needs of industry."  Doesn't that sound like the impetus to create medical fraud as described above?

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