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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Two topics The appropriate use of your mental voice and the Dateline Episode 04 26 2014 update #2

Two topics The appropriate use of your mental voice and the Dateline Episode  04 26 2014
So I watched Dateline to night and went for a walk.
1.       To defend yourself against those who have attempted to traumatize you!  {And that is indeed the motivation that they traumatize a human being for!  To hear their mental voice.}
2.       When you are livid made at something idiotic someone on television said with regard to criminal conduct.
3.       When you spot corrupt people and their actions.

But remember anytime you use your mental voice you are opening a doorway to your own mind!

Inappropriate Use of Your Mental Voice
1.        Basing your entire career by displacing the souls of human beings who should benefit from their own hard work, achievement and learning from what they read and studied and not you.
2.       Out of spite of those who are normal.
3.       Immigrants who believe you are the Rosetta Stone to life in America participating in using their mental voices to leapfrog Americans!
4.       If you are mentally defective.  In this case the problem that needs to be addressed is alcohols influence on conception AKA Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  The leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere caused by oxygen deprivation brain cell death that cannot be reversed!
Personal Notes:  When I was a boy I used my mental voices sometimes.  It was more like thinking about something as if I was preparing to argue with someone about an issue of conflict.  And I also believe that some of the voices we hear as adults come from children who feel that they are a part of something greater.  It is as if when I was a boy I knew that I was part of something greater, and used my mental voice to self actualize into it?  But actually when children are traumatized at a young age that part of something, their very own normality, is what they; I as a boy was trying to recapture?  Now that is far different than someone or a family that would try and self actualize into someone or something they were never meant to be!  Perhaps the best way to make sure that your children will be something great is to be more responsible with regard to your decision to have children.  They say that just one drop of alcohol is enough to cause birth defects; and a woman is pregnant for 9 months!  They also state that both parents should not drink for some time before they intend to have children for that very same reason.

Now these thoughts came to me as I was watching Dateline tonight.  There was a young man who was stated to have a genius IQ!  He also said that he was into Satanism.  From the Bible we know that Satan has no soul!  This man did terrible things to his sister; like coming into her bedroom in the middle of the night to rape her.  She hit him on the head with an alarm clock one night to stop it.  This man went on to kill a young woman.  The family of that young woman stated that she was everything everyone else wanted to be!  I have a feeling that men like this, I believe his name was John Courtney, are drawn to the normal and health like a owl can find its prey.  When a man is that evil and stated to be a genius he isn’t; it is really someone else’s displaced future that his intelligence is based upon.
After a German man that I couldn’t stand told me that the Confedarates were better in the Civil War because they were hunters I started to think about that.  What had they experience with?  Hunting and tracking runaway slaves!  And why were they good at it?  Because they had tortured them and displaced their souls from them.  Dislocate is the term the CIA uses and tries to hide the context of what it means by it.  Charles Sumner was one of the greatest men in United States History, he knew what the South was all about and he got beaten bloody on the top of the head with a gold cane for making the statement that the slave owner’s vocabulary came from the minds of its slaves!  Satan has no soul so it has to see out the eye’s of someone else.  It believes itself to be one with their mind!  Not only that it then wants to believe that mind is its own just as a spoiled child believes everything belongs to it when it yells “Mine!”  When you turn on the television set and you see all the crimes that have occurred doesn’t it bother you?  After 2000 years you would think we would have eliminated them.  But what the general public will never know is that the mentally defective person who does not have its own soul knows exactly what the non defective minded are doing!  And it know how to track a human being!  For example, and this is the part that will freak you out!  It knows where you are walking in the city by honking it’s car horn!  Once you listen to that sound it then listens with you and orientates its mind to yours!  It then see’s out your eyes and knows exactly where you are!  Now the same is true with the sound of barking dogs that the Confederate South used to track runaway slaves with!  And I know that none of you will believe any of this and it might even read as incrimination to me…someone might say that I should be medicated because of this.  I know all that and I still wrote it anyway!  Why?  To warn those who have a history of the medical fraud of Schizophrenia in their family so that they will know.  I believe, and I have stated published this before, that those who hear voices as adults are the only normal human beings left on earth!  So once you know that you can see how they could indeed be targeted for violence.  As I read the newspapers on crime and watch the crime shows that is exactly what I think when I see someone who had everything going for themselves and a bright future was killed.  Did a satanic beast that does not have it’s own soul did this out of envy, spite, resentment and hatred of human beings!  Does that killing fit that mode!  Okay, I am just going to make one other point before I sign off.  There are those who do not hear voices that the Satanic are part of their minds too!  And I will explain it one more way,  I once heard a Catholic Priest say that the Irish have the ability to sense the descension of the Holy Spirit in the back {crown} of their head!
Now you want to ask me if this belief of mine causes paranoia in me?  Not at all. Why not?  Because I have something they don’t and it is something they will never have!  Those who don’t have it know it and I know it!  But I tell you this because you might have something they don’t have and not know it!  And if you didn’t have something normal people had you would indeed know it; so that is how you know what you are!
And I will make one more point.  I believe we should do everything in our power so that people who are of happy healthy mind are born and that the brain defective souless who would prey on human beings are never born!  Why?  Because no one should ever have to have that fear nor that surprise attack; as the girl in the Dateline Episode did.
Now just one more point.  The woman who was the sister of that killer had talked to her mother about the death penalty.  And they had both agreed it was the right thing to do!  But what happened when it applied to her own brother?  She then talked with her mother again and they both agreed that it was still the right thing to do; even though it was her own brother!  And of course she did have some negative history with him.
Before they found that suspect in the episode of Dateline they have found a different one they thought had done it!  15 police officers blew off the front door of his house and marched in.  What they did find was 1,000’s of pairs of women’s underwear that he had stolen from Universities!  He was a Chinese man.  I took one look at him and my initial thought was, “snake eyes!”  He ended up suing the city and winning $330,000.oo for the nature of the search and seizure!  And when they described him he was odd too!  But to most people he would just look like a dark haired oriental businessman!
But the killer was into Satanism.  We know from the Bible that Satan has no soul.  This man had tried to rape his sister in her bed and he ended up killing a woman.  I wonder how many women who married men like that know that they are a great danger to them?  They probably laugh about it as a joke.  But he was indeed a great danger!  Your hippocampus is responsible for learning and memory.  In fetal alcohol syndrome, Alzheimer’s, teenage drinking, mental retardation and even autism I believe it has been studied and has a lot less mass than an normal person.  It becomes greatly degraded by those diseases.  Now you tell me this???  If your ability to learn and remember is not the basis of your human soul than what is?  Nothing!  For a human soul can be defined as having human reason and human conscience and those are based on learning and memory!
Are there those who do not have a human soul and are dependent upon drugs instead of achievement for their personal happiness.  But more to the point what happens when you take the drugs away from someone who was born marginally mentally defective?  As was the reason that Prohibition was ended they will kill you because of it!  Now what does that really prove?  They would be a danger to society with the drugs and a danger to society without the drugs.  Can we agree that decriminalizing the drugs is not the answer because it increases the chances of children being born mentally defective and prolonging the threat to humanity?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 04 26 2014 at:
Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

I am going to add one more corollary to the Car Horn and the Barking dogs text above.  And that is that Africans hunted lions and tigers via the use of beating drums? Did the drums scare the tiger so the hunters sensed that fear and its whereabouts?  And now we transition to blacks driving in the Untied States with the BASS and sub-woofers on high?  What are they sensing and who are they hunting?  As I stated above is it the best and the brightest the satanically defective minded seek to ruin or kill?  Maybe that is the only connection some make to the mind of a healthy and normal human being; when that human being hears the sub-woofer blasting?  It is sad when you consider the gestalt of it.

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