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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A monkey on your back 04 15 2014

A monkey on your back 04 15 2014

You get a monkey on your back and if you stop moving the monkey will get nervous.  Why?  Because all it knows how to do is ride your back!  Its whole life is peeking over your shoulder and around your head to see what you see.  So when you stop and become content all the monkey can do is give you another reason so that it can get back on your back.  This is why when human beings are happy the monkey gets nervous!  Because all its life it was riding your back!  And it isn’t any fun when you reap the fruits of your life’s labor and are content!  The monkey stands around cries, becomes depressed and dies?  Well that would be better than the monkey giving you another reason why it can get back upon your back right?  So take plenty of time to pause and be content every day of your life! 
And if you thank God for all that he has given you the monkey will try and take away some of those things you thought to pray and thank God for; won’t he!  What else will the monkey do?  As the monkey believes it is you it might start to believe that you are actually a monkey?  That is the next step after it has allowed itself the delusion of believing it is you!  That you are the monkey!  Then it will say you are the one riding its back!   So that you can start up again and it can get back on your back to see around your head and over your shoulder!

You can't beat a monkey by out-thinking it; it just draws energy from that!  So indeed you have to keep going and being content, and thinking too until it falls off dead! At some point in its life it might realize that it can only experience true happiness in life through substance abuse and die of an overdose of alcohol or other drugs.  As it realizes that your personal happiness can never be defeated it starts to wilt!  The best thing for that monkey would be if it had to pay you a fee!  That would really keep the monkeys off your back and it would therefore increase their longevity.  But perhaps it isn't a matter of choice for the monkey!  So let me put myself in the monkeys shoes?  The way the monkey gets itself off your back is by being honest with itself!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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