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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Congress Never had the authority to involuntarily Medicate Someone with Psychiatric Medicine 04 01 2014

Congress Never had the authority to involuntarily Medicate Someone with Psychiatric Medicine 04 01 2014

Because the practice of putting someone on psychiatric medicine against there will is the equivalent of the Vondoon Religion Congress and thereby our legal system never had the right to make laws that respect that Vondoon Religion!

It is the equivalent of the Vondoon religion in many ways.

1. The person on the medicine no longer has the ability to use their higher mind capability just as those on the Vondoon religion have oxygen deprivation brain cell death to the hippo campus and other parts of the brain.

2.  It is done against the persons will when there is made a law respecting it, just as those who are poisoned with the nerve toxin from the puffer fish and burryed have it done to them against their will.  (oddly enough it was a practice that likely migrated to the U.S. from Haiti?  And we see the first occurrence of it after FDR?  Was it practiced on the French or a friend of Napoleon and that is why they were so horrific to the people in Haiti?

3. In both zombification and psychiatry the person is discredited

4. Is it also consistent with the ancient Jewish practice of making a Golem out of a human being?  Hence Congress made a law that respected two religions at once.  And the Jewish people are all said to carry the black gene.  After the Jesus Christ was killed I would doubt the remaining legitimacy of the Jewish people. There is enough similarity to just say they were really Egyptians.  And Israel was indeed a different country than Judah.  And the Jewish religion has been stated to bear its name after Judah as in Judaism.  King Joseph of Egypt got so mad at his brothers that enslaved him in Egypt before he was king that as King he cooked up a plan to save all the worlds grain for 7 years so that everyone could stop producing it for 7 years during which time it could not be used to make beer!  And the Egyptians did indeed have beer and that is how I read it.  Incidentally enough there is a Catholic Priest in the area that resembles exactly an Egyptian Scribe.  And this mans name is a German/Dutch surname.  Ger is the Hebrew word for Strange.

5. Zombification was done because those woman hated that man and were envious of him.  Now you never hear that of the reason that people are put on psychiatric medicine against their will, but when those put on the medicine say it, it is a belief they are denied to have!  And that is how it worked so well for them keeping it a secret that they hated the person put on psychiatric medicine!  If the person claims they are hated then they are labeled as having a delusion!  And often the symptoms of the abuse are so unbearable that they indeed have no choice but to go on medicine!  And once they are on it they cannot think their way off it.  Just like a person who has been oxygen deprivation brain cell death cannot recover from it!  You start to spout off about hatred for you and you just get a bigger dose of medicine prescribed to you!  That is how they close the loop!  And they know when you are off it because they have your stolen soul!  So any laws congress or a state made regarding this are unconstitutional!

You ask me if I feel responsible if someone reads this and goes off the medicine and commits a crime? In no way shape or form am I responsible!  First of all they were demonically possessed to do that and those who demonically possessed them are the ones responsible!  Get that right right now!  And I know without a shadow of a doubt it is true!  So did the Puritans who founded the United States and so did Jesus Christ!

We did not free the blacks from slavery nor pardon the lives of the white people on the Confederate side of the Civil War so that they could do this to our country!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

Postscript: Everyone of us who hears voices is a victim of a bad religion that violates the separation of powers of church and state!  And I know what the Devils Advocate wants to say, that they have been hearing us our entire lives.  To which I would reply that is because you were a bad person in childhood and did bad things to other people in order so that you could hear them!  And that may seem like a very fine distinction, but it is the difference between night and day.

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