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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Coping with Fear 04 01 2014

Coping with Fear 04 01 2014
Just say those aren’t my fears!  Those belong to a rigamortis colored skin whee little man named Davros!  Davros has not done or accomplished the things that I have in life hence he has great fear of them.  Davros cannot synthesize outcomes like I can because he was born with a defective hippo campus whereas I wasn’t!

Davros does not want me to leave my home just as the Church of England didn’t want the Puritans to leave and convinced them that the world was flat and they would fall off if they tried.  Davros likes to think of all kinds of thoughts like those, but they are his and not mine.
Davros is a whee little man in a wheelchair who thought he was me exactly and tried all the things I did in my life only to be run over by a car because he wasn’t thinking for himself!  Instead he had the ultraego of me that wasn’t his!  Hence Davros wants to curse my confidence and belief in my every action in life!
Do I believe in a man named Davros? No!  Do I believe in the dependent minded and their existence? Yes!  And what is meant when it is stated that Yahweh went or goes before you?  It sounds like both you and me are Yahweh’s doesn’t it; when you think about it?  Hey folks, sorry this Yahweh has plenty of go in him left!  In fact every Yahweh has an entire life ahead of them still to experience.  So maybe you should worship those who have headstones in place already?  To worship the Dead?  What do you worship?  I worship the dead.  Has an odd sound to it doesn’t it?  Even though those who have came before us accomplished many a great thing; such as Charles Sumner did?  It just has an odd sound of meaning to it doesn’t it that could lead to another philosophical article related to the concept of the Worship of the Dead?  Such as what good would worshiping the dead do for you?  Some primate pagan probably came to that conclusion a long time ago and decided it would be better for him if he knocked someone over the head and then worshiped that person?  So his philosophy is indeed, “I worship the living dead.”  And of course the only type of person such person could marry would be another living dead person like himself.  And the worship of the living dead implies by self comparison that you view yourself as a living dead person?  I try and not associate with people like that because of the implications!  Yeah then that pagan decided that he wouldn’t really want to kill someone but if he could make them so they were still alive but someone didn’t look as smart as they were or are it would be of great benefit to him?  That is one person that he won’t have to compete with on the basis of intelligence in terms of natural selection for a woman?  Look at him you don’t want to marry him!  He is the living dead he he he!  Or she married a person I made into a living dead person he he he!  Do you see where I got my other blog title Primate Psychology from?  I hear all his thinking all day long and now I make him look like that!!! He he he!  Look he not as smart as you thought honey!  Or even better look what I do to his reproductive organs; he he he!  I am pretty much defining the Beast as the Bible did?  He thought a lot of himself didn't he!!  He he he.  Now he no think at all!  Look she watch me play baseball for living, know I am better!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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