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Saturday, April 5, 2014

May a piece of paper lying on my unmarked grave read updated

May a piece of paper lying on my unmarked grave read

"He believed alcohol created the Magog."

We ought to be able to link every genetic birth defect to the exact cause!  And why it altered that gene.  If science cannot do that today it is invalid; because it has served no benefit to human civilization.  This is the 21st Century!

This brings up another interesting point.  If Paul of the Bible was really Saul from the Orient as it stated on the History Channel.  And indeed Roosevelt's family sometime in its history made their wealth from the opiate trade with China.  And I am just laying out the facts here.  And the great wall of China was built to contain the Magog.  Theory: Was it the Magog led by Saul from the Orient that concurred Israel?  We know that Saul killed all the remaining followers of Jesus Christ.  But he couldn't have done that alone!  And he was indeed headed back to the Orient afterwards when, I will interpret it as, "He got an idea."

Do we know what caused the Chinese to look different?  Was it indeed from the opiate trade with China that the Roosevelt family made its money from?  At this point in history we ought to have enough photographic evidence of the children of white people who were using heroin to make a statistical connect the dots of key facial distances comparison?

And if some of us are heckled while we work in our homes what would be wrong with someone heckling Professional Basketball and football players when they are shooting free throws by yelling out MAGOG!  And when a professional football player has been found guilty of doping women and raping them a half dozen times why can't we diagnose him as a being a Magog and execute him for being a Magog?  How many chances do you give someone not to dope and rape women?  A half dozen like he had?  And at not one time did he realize what he did was wrong!  And everyone states people deserve a second chance.  But the fact is that some of us did not get a fair first chance!  Can you see what would happen if the Magog who believed in 6 chances for serial rapists who doped women and then raped them to reform on their own got into our Government and legislature?  And when children like that are born by single mothers are you trying to tell me that something of their father isn't going to still be a part of them?  Do you actually believe that Nurture can override genetics and nature?  I already know it can't and it has to do with perception of self.  That which looks like a Magog will end up acting like one?

Sure I believe in Freedom as long as it doesn't violate other peoples rights!  Because when that happens freedom has been abused!  It is no longer freedom.  It is like me saying, I ought to be free to have slaves work on my plantation?  That is how Liberty has been interpreted- to mean that you have the right to abuse human beings for money!  What right do you have to create the birth defective for money?  It should be a crime requiring Capital Punishment!  You were engaged in a commercial business that created the birth defective human being!  Now those are my beliefs!  I defy you to tell me how they are wrong because you can't convince me otherwise!

 May a piece of paper lying on my unmarked grave read, "He believed alcohol created the Magog."

And tell me how many people who believed that exact same thing are lying in unmarked graves out in the Nevada desert or buried in the concrete of a new parking lot!  Those parking lots don't hold up do they?  They just end up caving in and taking more victims as what happened at Henry Maier Festival grounds.  And as I look at the photograph of Henry Maier I have to ask myself, is it ever appropriate for a couple that can't have children or a single mother that isn't married to have a child sired by a Politician?  I think that has gone on and has been like a cancer to our democracy!

And what will this genetic evidence prove that scientist don't want proven?  That genetic damage can cause a baby to be born without the ability to form a human conscience and human reason as a human being is defined to be.  And they will likely keep it up until we run screaming from our homes in the United States from a mongrel gang of them!

I bet that white boy who had his french fries stolen from him on the Bus in Chicago by three black boys might want to yell Magog at a Basketball game.  Why can't he do that?  It would seem to be about the same as BOOH, to me!  Does he not have the freedom of speech to call a spade a spade?

And I would not write any of this stuff if I didn't hear the voices of the Magog trying to drown out my knowledge and self developed skills!  It is not me that would distract myself while I am working!  That would make an interesting scene for a comedy show.  The man who sought to distract himself while working!!!  Lets see, he would have a hat with a miniature hammer attached to it that had the same mechanism as that of an oil well pump and in cyclical fashion it would knock him on the top of the head every 5 seconds of every day of his life!  But he would never take that hat off because without it on he would have no excuse that he was completely incompetent!  So indeed he would have to take it off so that he looked normal in which case he would make all his employees where one.  In fact he would even make them wear one since birth! The conclusion would end up that he had the same mental defect as a dog that chases its own tail!  Does anyone see how a Kingdom of the dependent minded was created?  Does anyone believe that because the Protestant faith is based in England that was founded by the Roman empire that is is absolutely no different than the Catholic Faith or the Vondoon religion!  The Catholic faith doesn't state we believe that wine causes birth defects!  No quite to the contrary they hold it up above their heads at mass and tempt the young to drink it as they age and any and all babies born should be kept.  That really gives the people problems doesn't it!  And when they have those problems they need a scapegoat to take them out on.

And this is from my stream of consciousness as I eat my scrambled eggs and think and type.  Now the Magog would indeed booy anything that was not written based on stream of conscience or anything that I would attempt to proof and perfect.

Now yesterday I saw on the Internet the paintings of George Bush Senior.  And intermingled with them was a picture of his son sitting in a love seat arrangement with what appeared to be Royal Family members.  The next thing they do in those comfy seats is to smoke some kind of dope?  I thought of the needless war the high price of oil and therefore gas, the clean energy policy that was stalled for45 years and then I looked at the paintings of George Bush again and this morning when I woke up I thought, "Who wants the complete set of the George Bush family sterilized."  As a matter of foreign policy of course.  So I should start a petition, "As a matter of foreign policy to have the complete set of George Bush family sterilized...."  And that is my humor for the day.  And some people will say it is sick minded, but I would say it is more of a human reaction to the sick minded.

 May a piece of paper lying on my unmarked grave read, "He believed alcohol created the Magog."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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And if a man is gay and therefore believes himself to be like a woman what would be wrong with making him pea out of a flat hole like a woman does?

So here is how it goes,

"Father I think I might be gay."
"You don't want to be peeing out of a flat hole do you son?"

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