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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Most of the things we know are self evident to us 04 24 2014

 Most of the things we know are self evident to us  04 24 2014
Most of the things we know are self evident to us but not those not like us?
Here are some thoughts that came to me while I was cleaning my workshop.
Have you ever run into this archetype of people: “To hurt someone for their belief in you!”  In other words they hurt people once they believe in them.  A broader construct of it being if you believe if false authority it will hurt you good!  And I have found this to be true.  As if the false authority hurts you because you believe in it and it thinks that you should not have!
What does that really equate to?  “That which searches for human beings to victimize.”
And when you think about that what does it amount to?  “To blame others for your own birth!”
I once met a man named Barrett.  He told me that his family had large family gatherings.  And there was always one family member that didn’t like to work.
So that got me thinking as I was cleaning up my workspace in my workshop today.  And this statement came to me, “When those who don’t like to work entitle themselves to do the talking on important matters.”
But they should not be the ones talking about important matters should they!  Why not?  Because those who know how to work and like working know how to get things done and not vice versa!!!
Everything they say is about someone else and not about themselves!  And here is the next archetype in question that I wonder if you have commonly dealt with but should not have had to, “The manager that likes to believe work is about them!”
And this reminds me of the type of person who would come to your birthday party and become very upset because it wasn’t about them!  This is the type of person that doesn’t believe there is any difference between you and them.  We call that spoiled where I come from!  But to be truthful some religions are based on that very principle!
And if you ever watch them working they get very nervous!  It is hard to explain?  But it is as if they are naked before you?  Or ashamed that you see they have to work?  Again they believe there is no difference between you and them!  So to help them develop personally we should pause and watch them work for a second.  And often they become very nervous and start talking to distract you from seeing them work!  Now two normal human beings could stand alongside one another and work together or one could watch the other work and there would be no problem conflict or cognitive dissonance between them.  Why?  Because they were both imprinted through love by their biological fathers!
The sense you immediately get from them rather they are the poorest uneducated clerks or the son’s of the wealthy is exactly the same when you watch them work, “You should be doing this for me!”  The reality is that those who talk could not even support themselves with the simple skills to grow, cook, clean, educate, raise children, in summary; to live if it came to that!  So what that boils down to is the public giving them enormous salaries so that they can pay people to do those things so that they can indeed live among us?
The real father would not want anyone but himself to raise his children.  He would never get a woman pregnant after a night at a bar or a political party.  The thought of his children being raised by less than his standard would make him sick every day of his life.  Hence a man would never be for the pro-life movement!  {And I didn’t mean to mention that it just fit in with what I was saying as a natural projection of my stream of consciousness!  It became “flushed out” as one member of a writing group described the concept to me once.}
So that which doesn’t like to work should not seek politics as their refuge.  Also that which doesn’t like to work should not seek to be the one to manage.  And on television they will talk about anything but work.  How I see it is those that don’t like to work and don’t know how to create jobs mocking and taunting the public.  I don’t believe we should be taunted by college dropouts.
And in summary those who like to work manage in a far different manner than those who don’t!  And the same comparison is valid with employees too.  But that is another perspective to write from.
Most of the things we know are self evident to us but not those not like us?  So I try and explain my belief system via my stream of consciousness as opposed to someone who would be offended by my ability to think for myself and insult, “Who (meaning what momma) told you that.”
“Most of the things we know are self evident to us but not those not like us?”  And as I walked away from the computer to take the lunch dishes to the kitchen sink I realized that was the exact same problem the Founding Fathers had when they declared, “We hold these truths to be self evident!”
It is like saying, “Look you nincompoops we don’t have to put up with you!”  “We hold these truths to be self evident!”  To me is the equivalent of saying, “Why do we even have to explain this to you!”  And it was a statement being made with regard to their independence from the Federalist Monarchy!  It is also a statement that means if you don’t believe this you are not one of us!  So those who don’t believe it prove that it isn’t true with regards only to themselves don’t they!  “We hold these truths to be self evident,” is like a sign that should stand on our shorelines with the ending clause, “If you don’t believe this don’t you dare come here!”  For that which does not believe in equality will take advantage of and abuse those who do!  And we will not put up with that!  Also that which does not believe in equality can only create situations of inequality! And children who believe in inequality!  When you force us to believe in your own inequality, because you create situations of inequality, in that manner you are asking for trouble!  I believe you have found it!
All men are created equal means that the President of a Bank does not earn $1,000,000,000.oo a year ………….where an entry level worker in the financial industry might be lucky to make $24,000.oo or 41,666 times the amount of the entry level worker.  And in my stream of consciousness I have just touched on the issue of income inequality.  Does the phrase all men are created equal imply this is unfair?  Yes.  I would have to say that the one granting himself 41,666 times the amount of the entry level might not have met the standard of a man at all in terms of the definition of a human being having their OWN human reason and a human conscience.  So that is how he makes up for not having his OWN human conscience and human reason?

And  when I made that statement, "Most of the things we know are self evident to us..." The "us" I was referring to are those who have been labeled schizophrenic in medical fraud!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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