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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Motivation for those labeled Schizophrenic to sing 04 16 2014

Motivation for those labeled Schizophrenic to sing 04 16 2014

My personified voices comment got me thinking, those who hear voices (labeled schizophrenic) have a lot in common with Elvis Presley!  What do you think he was singing about with the lyrics, “You ain’t nothing but a hound dog, barking all the time!”  He was the most successful singer and yet he did not spawn any that sang like him!  Jim Morrison was close and they hooked him on drugs and he died too!  And what did Jim sing about?  “People are strange!”
Did Richard Nixon have him doped to death?  And who are the country singers today?  They sound like Mewling goats don’t they!  Those high strained vocal cords are likely caused by genetic de-veloutions from inbreeding! And don't you see it?  Those awarded being BEST are not really BEST at anything!  They are Confederate criminals who made it only because organized crime controlled the music business as Al Sharpton revealed!
Pick up the microphone and start singing!  I use an Olympus LS-20m and A Chinese made microphone labeled MIC108A!
Start singing that is how we peacefully end this medical fraud!
And believe me in the history of the world there has always been great conflict in religion and government between those who can sing alone and those who need a band of monkey's to create a clamor so you don't hear the bad voice!

And if you look at some of those newsmen on television their tired faces tell you  that they know they don't belong there! They're dim witted!  You turn on the television set and it is as if Dimm Witt who is making over 6 figures a year, is staring at you and pleading for mercy.  A lot of them are going to turn violent as the mental retardation from Alzheimer's sets in!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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So there are some lyrics in this too, 

The best; not best at anything!
The best; not best at anything!
The trophy  goes to her incestuous brothers son
Look at the web they've done!"

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