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Monday, April 28, 2014

N1993r Versus Schizo 04 28 2014

N1993r Versus Schizo

What is worse than being called a N1993r is being called a schizo.
Maybe if we could have used the term N1993r there would have been no black organized crime in the United States?
Maybe if we could have used the term N1993r there would have been no human trafficking by black people.
And what is worse than a Black N1993r is White N1993r.
What does the word N1993r come from?  Two things?  Negro meaning black.  And Niggardly meaning frugal.
But what most people don’t know is the real derogatory meaning behind it!  It has to do with being cheap in that you see out of the eyes of another human being because you do not have your own soul as Satan did not.
Let me explain.  Have you ever known a child that could not sit still in a classroom.  They were a constant distraction?
I had a friend who told me a story that explains it best.  She once took a supplemental college course through an extension program.  There was a Russian girl in that class.  That Russian girl talked to her friend the whole time and the teacher did nothing about it.  That Russian girl learned by distracting a human being from using their own ability to learn and concentrate!  That is a white N1993r!
As I took the CPA exam there was a man who was marking answer for answer as I did the whole test sitting to my left, that is a white n1993r!
A bully is a white n1993r!  Likely because the only way they can learn is from someone else’s conscious mind because their own is defective at the core level of the hippo campus!  They might be termed rotten core individuals rather than common core!
Anyone who traumatizes a human being like whipping a slave is a white n1993r!  Again the pain and trauma that is created dislocates the human soul of the victim to the benefit of the white n1993rs minds eye!
Is someone who would paint a third eye on their forehead a n1993r? Yes!
Have you ever sat in a movie and a moment after you realize what is going to happen someone with a mentally retarded voice yells out loud what you just thought was going to happen next. The last movie I saw was in high School a dark haired girl who looked English/Jewish sat behind us with two friends she through popcorn at us the whole movie!  We didn’t know what to do because it was a girl.  But later on in life I realized that she was driving us out of our minds so that many others could understand what was going on in the movie from my conscious perspective!  She was a white n1993r and so were what can be called the beneficiaries!
When I worked for Kemper Securities and was in a board meeting regarding a Corporate Finance action a white n1993r who was of upper management purposefully kicked my chair a few times like how when one has a nervous tick in their leg.  That is a white n1993r!
The white n1993r doesn’t study!  It is like the man on the dateline episode who raped all those woman and believed in Satanism, was a genius and never studied; he was smart because he victimized human beings for their souls.
And every single person labeled schizophrenia in medical fraud is a victim of the unified white and black n1993r class of the world!  The schizophrenic is the normal person and that is why their minds are harvested through attrition, abuse and trauma at adulthood!  What most schizophrenics never will know is that they are smarter than their entire pier group combined.  And the reason is that they had a normal hippo campus.  They were disabled because of that!  In order to become disabled first you have to have ability?
Who occupied the senators seat that the Russian Blagovich tried to sell for money?  Was it a n1993r?
Now when you realize the term means frugal and you understand that those who are it see out of others eyes put that into context below.
Who made us pay for health insurance was it a n1993r?
Who creates the largest medical fraud in the history of the world?  Was it n1993rs?
Who believes homosexuals should be able to marry?  Was it a n1993r?
Who want’s to take away our guns?  Was it a n1993r?
Why did white slave owners call black slaves n1993rs?  I believe it has to do with the derogatory term that was used to them in Europe before they immigrated to the United States?  Where white people who had a defective human hippo campus gene called n1993rs in Europe?  What am I getting at?  That which is likes to believe it isn’t and that someone else really is what it is!  Hence they beat slaves and called them n1993rs!  Why because that white skinned slave owner was a n1993r himself!
Sampson at the Milwaukee County Zoo.  The White N1993r likes to believe it is superior or Godlike because it can see out of others eyes!  Nothing could be further from the truth as you will see next that they share the same type of mind as the beast does!  When I was a boy and we visited the zoo there was a Gorilla there named Sampson.  As soon as I turned the corner to his plexiglass cage so that he could see me he would go nuts!  His lanky arms would fly all over the place as he swung his way to the glass wall and beat it to try and break out and kill me.  If I visited that zoo a half dozen times as a boy it happened every single time!  And it had to do with me looking that beast in the eye and it getting pissed about it!  It doesn’t have a human soul but it has a predators type brain that see’s in images.  One day I talked to my mom about it.  “I don’t want to go to the zoo that gorilla wants to break out of there and kill me!”  Someone might have told me to say a prayer for it and I did.  And after that it seemed more docile.  So what is the point?  That which does not have a human soul is ashamed for what it is?  And that was indeed the theme of the novel Communion by Whitely Strieber?  Human beings should not have to fear any beast on earth!  We should not have to pray to the beast!  Would you have children pray that when the gorilla dies it’s soul is allowed to take human form; less you don’t prey it happens the beast is allowed out of the cage to tear you limb from limb.  That Gorilla had the exact same eyes as a crazy horse that bucked me and a white Catholic School principle nun who smoked five packs of cigarettes a day!  And that is a principle tenet of the Catholic Church “I have sinned in my thoughts!”  H311 no I didn’t!  Imagining what a beast might do to you if it gets out of a cage is not a sin!  Thinking you don’t want that queer eyed and voice priest to get you alone it not a sin either!  It is how humans learn to think by comparison and use of imagination to know what is a danger to you!  It is part of the human soul!  But the Catholic Church would call it a sin!
So here is evidence that through evolution man developed his own soul!  And the monkey doesn’t have one or the ability to form one!  Sometimes the white n1993r is represented by royalty but nothing could be further from the truth that which see’s out of the eyes of human beings is not evolved as those who don’t!
The English that the United States had great conflict with were all white n1993rs too!  They worshipped the monkey as druids.  But they might have also got that way from inbreeding for wealth, fetal alcohol syndrome or an oxygen deprivation birth defect related to folds in the placenta as autism has that was created from the pine tar in their naval ropes!  The ropes were soaked in pine tar to keep them from rotting and it was known to cause miscarriage by undulating the placenta!  All of the corporate world arose from the Queen giving pirates limited liability for their actions!  Was the real reason because they were brain defective from the pine tar and that is all those of the Island country could be?
The English and Italians might have also become white n1993rs through inbreeding by the black moors!  Even Adolf Hitler had that same gene, it is a black gene and also the Jews are said to all have it!  I believe that miscegenation leads to the formation of a defective hippo campus because it is harder to combine the DNA in conception of two genetic pools of white and black.  I think of it as taking two completely different jigsaw puzzles throwing the pieces on the kitchen table and trying to make on image out of them.  There is a process of time to development in formation of the Human embryo and mind?  Whereby if it is more complex those pieces might not go into place like they should?  And the most crucial place is the hippo campus of the brain that makes us human.  Pair that with the fact that a son who is not imprinted by his father’s own mind is going to be like a white n1993r too!
Now if you add in the Rh- blood type to the issue and the birth defects from that you get another class of white n1993r!
I had a friend who worked as a commodities trader in Chicago.  He told me that a man stood on the level above him in the pit right behind him and yelled so loud that he couldn’t think to make good trades!  Now that man yelling and distracting someone from thinking is a White n1993r too!
Gambling house odds are set by white n1993rs who have displaced human beings of their souls through trauma.
Now black people have been kept in poverty for some time!  If you are a black person the best revelation you ever learned of in the history of the world is of the White N1993r!  Also black people know that there are certain blacks that they fear more than others!
That which cannot see out of its own minds eye because of a hippo campus defect.
Members of organized crime and the corrupt in Government are all white n1993rs!
So who would have called those Englishmen that became slave masters in the United States the White N1993r?  Irish American enlisted to fight in the Union Army in the Civil War in record numbers!  I wouldn’t doubt it was the Irish who called the English White people N1993rs!  The English worshipped the monkey in the Druid Society.  The English were also called Lead-ites or Luddites because of their fear of new technologies!  The Term phonetic term leadite likely arose as England was concurred by the Roman Empire and Romans were known to put lead in their wine and it causes mental retardation.  The English likely got so mad at the Irish that they created the potatoes’ leaven fungus and transported it from New York to Ireland as buds in order to create genocide of the Irish and flush them to the United States?  Where they had planned to make them work as indentured servants?  The Irish Americans nixed that didn’t they!
Oddly enough the Irish and the Protestants were not supposed to ever be able to intermarry.  The Protestants have always been white n1993rs!  Look at the basis of their religions; they lack complete concepts of Humanity!  As in the learned helplessness of the Lutheran religion that the Druid monkey worshipping nation of England transformed to, the Key belief of that religion is, “It doesn’t matter what you do in life as long as at the time of your death you ask to be saved!”  Now can you honestly tell me what human being would want to be married to someone of that sloth minded belief system?  And aren’t a lot of black churches in the United States of the Protestant/Lutheran?  The Protestant Faith has a great many branches that you won’t recognize as being the same!  But poor black people will often complain about how much money the black church has!  Billions!  And any black person who has been labeled with schizophrenia is a victim of the white/black n1993r!  They too would never want to marry a person of that sloth minded belief system because they would be incompatible with them!  That Protestant faith is the one that were slave masters!  It is a Kings Religion!  And England did greatly try and aid the South in the Civil War in order to maintain Slavery in the United States!
Gay’s and Lesbians are likely of the white n1993r variety too!  Why because it is a defect of the hippo campus not to know your own sexual identity!  They take whatever identity they can get!
One more point with regard to who blacks might want to fear.  Members of the Muslim faith are known to inbreed.  Inbreeding leads to mental defects to the hippo campus- as Satan had!
And I don’t know that I believe the theory that Jews and blacks evolved at the same time and that is why the Jews have the black gene.  I believe that the whites were concurred by blacks and that is why they have that gene.  The first humans would have likely been transitional skin toned, meaning white, as that is the skin color under the fur of the more social acting monkeys.  Another point on skin color is that some monkeys have white skin under their fur and as they age it becomes black.  This can only happen through mineral deposition as their kidney’s are overloaded?  And the reason for that being they do not have human hygiene nor the ability to purify food?  So indeed having black skin is a survival mechanism as that factor is readily deposited to the skin upon kidney overload? Perhaps the human race would not have survived without it?  And I have speculated that there is more iron at the equator because of the centrifugal force of the spinning earth in its collection and then formation?
Now after all this I am not a racist in a traditional sense.  But I am a racist in one very clear meaning of the word!  I am a racist against those who would traumatize a human being for their soul and label them schizophrenic in medical fraud; just as I am a racist against all other types of criminals too!
So if we had been able to say n1993r then we would have gotten around to calling white people the n1993r and it might have prevented a lot of the corrupt and criminals from burdening our country!  And what was it in the Irish vernacular literature that had the English so mad that they burnt all Irish literature?  Was it references to the White N1993r?
Adolf Hitler was a Voyeur and he had the white-nigger gene!  The white-nigger hates itself and projects that hatred unto human beings!
Words of shame should lead to behavior reform?  And our Constitution does indeed guarantee that we can use the word phrase White-Nigger!  And if you find it so emotionally devastating because you are one then you can leave the country!  Because we have the Constitutional right to say that!  Just as the white n1993r labeled its victims something far more stigmatizing and worse sounding; schizophrenic.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

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