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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

On the founder of "Tesla" car company admitting he didn't think it would be successful 04 01 2014

On the founder of "Tesla" car company admitting he didn't think it would be successful 04 01 2014

What bothers me is how readily he got the financing when in effect he stated he never thought it would be successful!  Now I can pretty much tell you through synthesis what can work and not work ahead of time; and I can incorporate cost concepts into that.  But what does this really imply towards our $17 trillion in debt? It was loaned out to investment banks that loaned it to entrepreneurs that didn't even believe they would be successful which means they lied!  What they had to have been told or what the belief had been was that more and more money can solve the problems.
Which really means that money serves as a substitute for pragmatic based intelligence and planning.  Get a loan for a venture and then when things don't go right abuse a human soul and split it for the answer?  Pretty soon there aren't any human souls left to split.  Not only that but they would never be granted the full faith and credit that is represented by freedom!  Alternatively it was given to an Aussie who was probably of the family lineage that was evicted from England to the penal colony of Australia for some reason?  And everyone wants to say that no one thought they would be successful in Australia?  He didn't make those cars there did he, he made them in the U.S. with easy credit granted to him.  How many Americans could have been given that same credit and made something more worthwhile of it?  It brings up the point with the foreign singers too.  If it were a United States Singer it would send the wrong message to the United States that we have talent here and that it doesn't require chutzpa or a circus costume to be a singer.  And what is with all that dancing and lifting the women high in the air about?  It reminds me of that old black and white video where the father is throwing her tiny young daughter up in the air and she does 4 somersault spins because of the torque he put on her, what is she going to grow up to be like I always wondered.  Where is she now; caught or hiding back up in a tree?

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