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Friday, April 18, 2014

Reasserting Personal Power- One of many Personal Coping Strategies 04 18 2014

Reasserting Personal Power-  One of many Personal Coping Strategies 04 18 2014

What if every time you held yourself to a higher standard during your entire life an imaginary slave that you didn’t know you had took offense to it!
And upon adulthood they exacted their revenge upon that part of themselves they felt had abused them all their life”?
The way to remedy that is then to personify every mistake you make while being distracted by a voice as being caused by an unruly slave!  And they might have asperger’s or something like that!
So when you wake up in the AM review your prior day and say with your mental voice “Rex” (or Howie) that wasn’t the right way!  We do it this way!”  And then think of how it should have been done!  “You need to remember that today Rex.”  In effect you say, “This is how we do it Rex.” And then run the correct way through your memory.  Or you might use your mental voice to address a woman named Barbara first thing in the morning and say, “Barbara that isn’t how we think about things.”
And perhaps it has been allowed to negatively influence you too much in your life already at which point these words with your mental voice are appropriate, “Rex your bad influence has cost me a lot of sales and money, what do you have to say for yourself?”
“I would like to blame myself Rex, but I know it was your fault!”
“Rex I think you understand the decision I have to make concerning you don’t you?”
“Rex you resented everything good we tried to do my whole life!”
“You have been advocating the bad things for me so you could have the good!  I don’t find humor in that!”
“Rex I wish I could give  you a good reference but we got fat and lazy and sick when you were around versus when you weren’t.”  (reference to television personalities.)
“Rex your negligent medical care is the reason that my father died- remember that?” (Reference to bad Doctor care at Hospital.)
“Rex I didn’t realize you were with me when I took those pills that gave me diabetes, heart disease and women’s breasts!”
“Now Rex If I decide to keep you on you’ll make sure my health is not compromised anymore?”
“What is that you said to me Rex?  You think that is funny?  I can tell by your attitude you’re not going to work out here with me. Have you arranged means to leave this planet?”

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy


Other notes on reasserting personal power.  And the start of more of a diatribe.

The Bible advocates, “Blessed is the one who reads aloud.”  The nature of that is that it reasserts personal power in the world and with regard to Rex!
Turn the volume off on the television (mute it) during a live broadcast and read this to the television as if you are talking directly to them!  (You might even notice that they start to cry!!!  No lie!  Or even that you see a red demon face superimpose theirs in anger!  Can you imagine that a television personal getting livid angry at the at home viewing audience!  Who knew!)
Also you might find it of great benefit to have the photograph of the President of a Corporation that you feel has harmed the public in front of you every morning while you do this exercise.  Taking your mind away from a Body  (Corp –ration) not your physical one.  Depriving the Corporate body structure of business of the source of profits that it failed to tith to.
And believe me it is extremely effective in creating social change if it is done by someone who hears voices in their head, like you!

And does a psychiatrist or anyone else have the right to judge you negatively because you are alone and reading out loud!  The Bible says that those who do are blessed.  For all everyone else knows you are practicing speaking!  And what would be the vile nature of someone that would want to stop you from practicing speaking?  You sit at a restaurant and here two people talking and you are subjected to it.  So what would be wrong if you were sitting by yourself at a coffee shop and reading silently aloud to yourself?  You could be reading it into a tape recorder without the recording function button on and therefore they can't say you are doing something against copyright!  The best part or reading a newspaper like that would be your personal comments in between sentences!  Any time we start to think of ways to assert our personal power that covered wagon train full of Rex's tries to define it as being a sign of mental illness?  So I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to list read DSM ~ as a symptom of mental illness some day!  How else does a child learn how to read other than listening and reading aloud!  There are college graduates who cannot get up in front of a podium and read aloud!  What a waste of our resource dollars it was educating them!

PS I am wearing a pair of  Headphones that have the active noise cancellation feature.  They are of the brand name Ferrari.  And they actually do prevent some of those voices from interfering with me as I write.  It is as if there is a magnetic pulse that despychoenergizes my mind that hits my left ear.  It is like a mini concussion.  When I have these headphones on with the noise cancellation feature on that pulse is partially blocked.  Sure you may think you are a dimwitt schizophrenic.  But your brain does indeed work on the transmission of electrical signals from neuron to neuron and a magnetic pulse that was delivered in conjunction with an auditory high decibel focused and directed energy burst can indeed put you into a mini seizure.  That is a crime against humanity!  And the fact that the headphones block it proves that it is not occurring inside my head!  Schizophrenia is medical fraud!

"Rex you were never one of us were you!"

And I did read somewhere that the department of defense had developed technology that can create high decibel sound bursts that last for a fraction of a second.  Also Colonel John Alexander of the United States Army admitted (made the statement in 1991) that the department of defense had developed the ability to make people hear voices in their heads by the using of technology.  Can you imagine if an immigrant or group of immigrants got a hold of those plans and constructed them?  Perhaps that is the greatest threat in United States History!

Israel has also created a weapon that puts out a sonic screech.  And in fact in the United States there is a weapon commercially available called the LORAD.  Which does the same thing.  Can you prove to me that a tribe has not got their hands on these in order to loot the American public of their minds, wealth and happiness?  I know already that is what has happened!

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