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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The All One Mind Occult 04 30 2014

The All One Mind Occult 04 30 2014
There are those who want to prove we are all one mind.  It isn’t true, some are mentally defective and cannot form their own minds.

And there is one simple and easy way to prove we are not all one mind!
If we are all of one mind what is your positive vision for the future of humanity?  Those who say we are all one mind have absolutely none!  They would list what would be called a spoiled want that they believe they personally need instead!  If we were all of one mind you would have a positive vision for the future of humanity.  

The best thing those who believe they are all of one mind could ever do for the future of the world would be to tell the world what they are!  Why?  Because if they are all of one persons mind and that person dies all Pandemonium will break lose!  Why? Because it isn’t like, “If we all hold onto the strings of our little balloon pieces of a person’s mind it can’t float away and leave us!”

That is wishful thinking that leads into horrifically dark ages!  Wishful thinking is a delusion! It’s a flight of fantasy!  A delusion of a spoiled brat that never had to accept personal responsibility for its actions!  A child that was never told no!  Wishful thinking is a spoiled child that begs for something its whole life!  Do not the voices you hear beg to be you?

A person’s first and foremost right anywhere on earth is that they ought to have the right to be born without a mental birth defect.  And alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere!

Incidentally the Jews were not freed from Egypt until one proved that he was of the same mind as the Pharaoh; that is just concrete history from the Bible.  And he proved it by stating the Pharaohs dream for the future?  It was kind of like, listen you are not getting out of her until you agree to take personal responsibility for your actions, reform and straighten out.  And we already know that at the first opportunity they had they drank all day, got drunk and worshiped the Golden Hind.
It was an India Indian man that wanted to prove this on public television.  Do you know why they want to prove it?  Because if he can prove that we are all one mind it means that he is not personally responsible for any of his actions or crimes!  The first step to becoming an adult human being is just the opposite of that!  Then they want to state that the person who is born with fetal alcohol syndrome is really normal?  It doesn’t meet the proof is in the pudding reality test does it!  No one would leave their children to be babysat by someone like that!  Again that is all wishful thinking of a lazy spoiled sloth minded individual isn’t it!
And here is the best concept to arise out of my philosophy regarding this.  Two people claim to be of all one mind and are working in a factory that moves pies down a conveyer belt and they start to argue about what their one mind would determine is the proper way to work, while the pies fall on the floor.  And perhaps “the pies” is a metaphor for their children!  And perhaps those of that philosophy should never be indoctrinating how society should be run.  And what rights are they going to assert for themselves immediately?  That somebody else should be doing that job instead of them!  Entry level work is beneath them because they are not even capable of doing it competently.  So then they grant themselves the right to speak on television and mock the people who end up doing their work for them?  In other words they fail the most basic tests in our society and leapfrog the rest of us in advancement!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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That all one mind concept is a Hitler "Ein" concept; a Wolf Pack mentality!  That is all he said was, "Ein, Ein, Ein."  It means one, one, one.  Now when I was in high school two Tattooed Concentration camp survivors came to speak to us in the High School theater; and I listened!  They had absolutely nothing good to say about alcohol!  When I see an owner of a Professional Sports team I think back to those two and also how much the sales of beer contribute in many different forms of sale to the profit  and business operations of Professional Sports!  When money is made from alcohol what is being created is humanities own worst enemy!

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